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Effects lab pro upgrade price query

Posted: Tue, 21st Feb 2006, 3:03pm

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Why is it that for me to upgrade from effects lab to effects lab PRO
will cost me £34.99?
Yet the price difference between effects lab and effects lab pro is only £25?

Thats not to convincing for me
Posted: Tue, 21st Feb 2006, 3:07pm

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Joshua Davies

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Just like all software its more expensive to update than it is to buy the higher version in the first place.

Buying Pro straight away (rather than buying DV then maybe upgrading to Pro later) saves you money - otherwise everyone might just buy DV then consider upgrading later.

The extra money is spent on many things including admin on the website and locking out your old DV code from the program. There are also creditcard/paypal charges to be paid for both transactions rather than just 1.
Posted: Mon, 27th Feb 2006, 4:53pm

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Its a buyer incentive.

Ideally, software companies want to keep their support time quick and their support costs low, by supporting as fewer versions of a product as possible.

If the support costs are low, the savings are passed onto the customer since the support costs don't have to be reflected in the product prices.

If all users are on the best version of a product money can buy, not only do users get a great deal -since its cheaper to own the better product right away- but the software company can focus all its energy on the majority of the users since they all (ideally) use the exact same product.

Its fairly standard practice across the industry, hence why i'm refering to "software companies" and not FXHome specifically.