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could somebody do a football ball?

Posted: Fri, 3rd Mar 2006, 2:35am

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hello. i'm a begginer in this world and i am asking for a preset to add to my movie. See, I filmed a movie where is a boy playing with a ball, but there is no ball. My idea was add the football ball in the program.
could somebody help me?please contact me if somebody do it. my e-mail is
Posted: Fri, 3rd Mar 2006, 3:22am

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You can not do this with EL, but you could use a picture of a football and cut it out and use the stock footage system. Otherwise, this would be more of a 3d job. If he is doing normal things with the football, like juggling, dribbling, normal kicking, passing, that your actor is capable of, reshoot and use a real one. Remember, strings are good, and practical effects are often better than digital. Also, you don't own the programs EL or CL (both capable of this effect, to a point.)