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Importing video Alam DV

Posted: Fri, 3rd Mar 2006, 7:47pm

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I know I am out of date here with Alam DV2

But I bought this a few years ago and would like to use it. I have used it in the past with great results but since my computer crashed I seemed to have lost the codec and cannot import AVI files into the program.

I check this site and there is a segment wyhere it says what to do with importing problems but when I clicked on it there was no instructions anymore?

Please help, Just an old fashioned Alam DV 2 user

Posted: Fri, 21st Apr 2006, 1:32am

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film freak

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PM malone, I think. You need a new code for your copy, That's probably you problem.
Posted: Fri, 21st Apr 2006, 7:16am

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We no longer officially support AlamDV, but it sounds like the old Microsoft DV problem. You needed a special codec to make it work in AlamDV. Unfortunatly the links to the codec all died, and I've never found any new ones.

I noticed that you own EffectsLab as well. Seeing as EffectsLab can do everything AlamDV did and more, why don't you just use that instead? It has no problems with Microsoft DV files.