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The Fall of the Jedi - Cinematic Trailor

Posted: Sat, 27th Apr 2002, 11:17am

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This is a full blown cinematic trailor for my upcomming fan film : "Star wars | The fall of the Jedi" Enjoy!! It is a mix of TONS of effects, from CG models, to alam work...ect....

More Info
Posted: Sat, 27th Apr 2002, 12:52pm

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Very good - I like this alot - you've created the right look - good costume, scenery, sfx, sound - it all comes together very well smile
Posted: Sat, 27th Apr 2002, 2:30pm

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Lord Dugall

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Good, good, good... biggrin Everything looks great except for the Falcon interior... wink . I can't wait to see the final movie.

You did a great job on the effect dosing, (not too much...)
Posted: Sat, 27th Apr 2002, 2:47pm

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Posted: Sat, 27th Apr 2002, 2:49pm

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that was written by me.. just forget to login... redface
Posted: Sat, 27th Apr 2002, 3:04pm

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Congratulations... This is very well done! Can't say anything else.... :)
Posted: Sun, 28th Apr 2002, 2:35pm

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Congrats! Very well done. But, one question..."Will the whole movie be posted on a web site so that we can later see the finished film?"
Posted: Sun, 28th Apr 2002, 3:56pm

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Im love this trailer!!! If you dont put up the hole movie on alamdv, im going to buy it from you or something'!! lol cool
Posted: Sun, 28th Apr 2002, 3:58pm

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and that was written of me! redface
Posted: Sun, 28th Apr 2002, 10:49pm

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As of right now, I'm FRANTICALY working day and night on the final cut. There is currently no website, but one will be posted shortly. is where I'm hosting a (very basic) page to house the trailor. As soon as I get a home page for this baby, I'll post the URL there.

The final film is planning on being about 15-17 minutes in length, and has taken over a year to produce.

Thank you SOOOOOO much for your generous comments!! I'm glad my work is being well recieved. Let me know what you like/dislike.

(and as far as the interiors go, I know they arn't true to the original falcon... BUT we built the whole thing ourselves, so I think it serves it's purpose.)

Posted: Sun, 28th Apr 2002, 11:03pm

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Hey guys! That was really great. I think you've captured the spirit of a Star Wars film from what I've seen. The trailer is very much like an actual motion picture trailer, and that was awesome too. I've seen some other trailers (not on here) that feel like they don't flow too well, but you folks really did a great job on that. I just wanted to let you know one thing, though. I don't know how you intended to link to your trailer, but if you go through Angelfire, you may need people to actually go to the page and then view the movie. I've found that when I've posted a direct link to a film, from here, they shut me down in less than a day. Not sure if you knew this already, but just letting you know my experience with that. Can't wait to see the film once it's done, though!
Posted: Mon, 29th Apr 2002, 1:24am

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smile Thank you!
The actual file is hosted on my friends server ( the page that links to that is located on angel fire. (I know all about there little bandwidth games wink )

Everyone : Look for the web page for this project tonight or tommorow at
as the movie progresses, I'll release more stills (maybe even a clip of the crash sequence)

Thanks again for the comments!
Expect the full movie in late may/ early june.

(now... back to work!)

(Any good ideas for a studio name?)
Posted: Mon, 29th Apr 2002, 11:03am

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A plea to ALL future movie makers that post to Alam, PLEASE stop ripping off Starwars every 2 seconds. There's alot of cool stuff in the world, stuff that doesn't have the word "Force" anywhere in the script.

Take out a peice of paper and a pen, sit down, and try to come up with an orginal thought. Or at the very least, try to rip off some other movie for a change. What about a nice Sci-Fi space movie without "the Force" in it? Hell, Star Trek is cool, rip them off for a change!

Even ignoring ALL of the obvious copy-right infringement that will no doubt allow some very nasty Hollywood lawyers to force you to remove your movie from the internet in the not-to-distance future... don't you want to do something orginal?

Tell ya what, I have a million ideas for movies, and since I can't find any actors to play the roles I need, I would be more then happy to give you all of the ideas you can handle. Or buy a couple of those cool Sci-Fi story magizines that are published monthly and available at any Barnes and Noble. At least those guys don't have big money lawyers to shut your movie projects down. Do something with a future, man! Something you can actually own and be proud of! Just because Alam has a great Lightsword effect, doesn't mean you *HAVE* to do Starwars.

I love seeing amature movies, and I do like real Starwars movies, but I have to give this one a low score for ripping off Starwars so completely. It's not Starwars, it will never be Starwars, and as a fan of Starwars, I don't like to see amature versions of it. Do something like that without ripping off the force, and I will be the first one to give you a score of 5.
Posted: Mon, 29th Apr 2002, 11:25am

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Okay... now again I have to say something to that...

Even if you don't like Amateurversions of Starwars (I even agree with you in that point. I think coming out with something completely new and and an own idea is far more interesting than fanfilms of anything, no matter what)... but that rating of yours is not justified.

I'm sorry to be this honest again, but this movie has a sense for detail, light and camerangles MUCH better than some movies you gave 5 stars to...
Posted: Mon, 29th Apr 2002, 2:34pm

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I'm sorry that you have such a strong opinion about my film and fanfilmmaking in general. It's a shame to hear such uneducated opinions on board with so much good nature. You do have a point behind name association and originality, but your failing to see the major philosohpy behind why people make these movies in the first place is being shown to the world. So, for your better contemplation on the matter, and not mine, I'll continue.

Making a star wars fan film has nothing to do with ripping of, or the ass kissing of, George Lucas. Making a film based on Star wars is about doing the impossible (for the amatuer filmmaker). Just about anybody can make a film "Starring Highschool students" or "Set in a highschool" or "set in anytown USA," or anything further. However, it takes real talent and presicion to re-create a vast universe set in a far off galaxy (a long time ago at that smile ) With the availibility of materials and vast communities on the net, Star Wars is the obvious choice. (If their were more Star Trek resources out their, more people would go with Star Trek. And so on) Just look at TFN fanfilms ( for example. Keep in mind, that my work is about QUALITY work, which I guess you fail to see (but you do posses a rather smashing grasp on what you think other people should do.) My film does have the association of the STAR WARS title in it, but that's not how it should be judged. Please judge my work on the basis of filmmaking (Lighting, camera angles, SFX shots, sound, story proggresion, pace, ect...) and not a generalized fear of something that a vast majority of us love to do.

And don't patronize me either.

I'd REALLY appreciate it if you would continue to express your objections to all members of this forum!! I can't wait to see what it does to the creative process.

For every one else, please drop your current volutiliby and follow Mr. Maxsmoke! I would appreciate more brilliant ideas on filmmaking that he is giving me, then the sort of constructive critisism and proper analyzing crap most people have given.

Thank you for your time.
BTW... e-mail me sometime! How would you like to come to the world premier at the Hansen planetarium grand theater in Salt lake City, Utah?
I'd cover the costs! I want you to be the guest of honor!
Posted: Mon, 29th Apr 2002, 7:06pm

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I think I agree with maxsmoke... its just another star wars rip off... I mean, what could you possibly do better than Georgie himself? Do you really think any movie you create will entertain us? do you really think you're learning something about movie making? do you think you'll learn something about special FX? Jeez! what were you thinking? I mean EVERYBODY makes a star wars film these days. You obviously didn't take maxsmoke's feeling into this matter... Besides, his rating was so justified... he was completely right to give you such a low rating as punishment for making yet another star wars fan film.... you movie epitomizes all star wars fan films and should be treated as such.... I hope by now you've learned your lesson. Go create something so original that no one will understand it and have nothing to compare it to... even better yet, no one will watch it so there will be no criticism!!!

On a more serious note: great job! effects look good... I'll look forward to the full release!!!!
Posted: Mon, 29th Apr 2002, 8:26pm

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I can see why people here have not given you a lot of originality points. In the realm of Star Wars itself, you have not really introduced anything new. Here are a few things that I see.

1. Yet another YT-1300. There are more than just the 10 or so ships in the movie. Take the time to make your own.

2. Another double-bladed red lightsaber. MANY fan films use this. And you are using canned moves from the movie as well. (At least from what I can see in the trailer.) A teensy bit of Martials Arts knowledge would go a long way.

3. I've only seen 3 new characters, whose concepts are far from original.

4. The location is far from original as well.

5. Moving away from originality gripes, A window for the Freighter cockpit footage would have gone a long way to improving it.

6. The subliminal messages in the trailer are cut too quick.

Now I'll go on to say the good things I see about this film.

1. With your limited budget you've got a well crafted film.

2. The sets look pretty good. I especially liked the X-Wing cockpit scenes. The freighter cockpit scenes seemed a little hokey but I can blame your small budget for that. me

3. You seem to have put a lot of time into this project and it shows.

4. Your trailer was excellent. I hope you keep up the quality you've set with the music in the back ground.

Well... that's what I see and I've seen all the films at and some are far better than others. I understand your position as a fan and making a film set in the same universe. Although setting it so parallel and almost on top of one of the original films takes away a lot of the appeal for a general audience. That is what I interpret from "you made another Star Wars fan film, so what?"

On the other side of the coin is the fact that the Star Wars mythos has become so engrained in our society it's hard to escape. George took classic elements from epic storytelling and combined them to make a great story. Many people could argue that he was just a hack to begin with. But unlike other hacked stories, this one stuck and has a fanatical following so it might be hard for some people on the outside of this group to see the distinguishing features of a fan film. By setting your story so close to the original plot line has blended it further in to background static that non-fans see when reviewing the myriad of fan films out there. Even though you are in an established franchise, you can still have lots of originality without delving into the written history.

Every fan film has to deal with these problems in one way or another, and to ignore them will lead to the kind of criticism you are getting here. They do have valid points, and although their delivery might turn you off, listen to what they have to say. There are other genres out there that have much in common with yours. You can learn from them, and they may even learn a thing or to from you. The community only strengthens from everyone's individuality. Who knows, maybe someday you'll get to ream them on their movies. me

As far as this project goes, take what you have done and learn from it. I'm sure you had to overcome some problems to get things to work the way you wanted them to, and some that didn't. If this is your first film, don't expect it to get rave reviews, as much as that hurts. Believe me I know it does. If it is not your first film, then you have learned much and have much more to learn. Don't give up, and don't throw out some of the criticism you have gotten here. Keep at it and I'm sure your next film will get much better reviews.

As for the critics out there, go easy on people. A lot of work goes into these films and to come out and almost flame them is flat out wrong. Calling someone's 4 month project a waste of time just shows your ignorance on what goes into a film. People have given blood sweat and tears for this, so tread lightly on the finished product. Ripping through someone's priliminary script is one thing, doing it to a finished film is something else. Hollywood may not be so kind, but this isn't destined for or really has anything to do with Hollywood, so play nice. People's feelings are on the line. People who someday might become great film makers. Who'd have the last laugh then?

I would very much like to see the finished film.

The Star Wars Fan Film Critic
Posted: Tue, 30th Apr 2002, 12:57am

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good. I'm glad to hear some constructive critisism. Now, I may not exactly agree with you on some of your points, I will definitly recognize the validity of your argument.

Let me also reitirate that this has been a 11 month, not 4, project.

The other thing I'd like to acknowlage is the risk of posting on these boards. I still havn't finished the final film, and I don't know if I will now. Read the initial comments on this board. Having recieved praise like that gave me a re-assurance that I actualy have talent. Immediatly, I began to crunch out work on the final film. Now, having recieved some negative stands points, as well as bashing (none of which you did of coarse) My general feeling is "F**K the final cut..." and "If I'm just going to get flamed by rat bastards for originality, I'm not going to give them anything more to feed off of." The obvious objection, is that I shouldn't base my work on other people's feelings and opions. BUT, I can't help but feel anti-creative. For some reason, that's just my nature. I have no thick skin, whatsoever.

Even if I do finish the final film, I don't think I'll release it.
Too much blood, too much sweat and WAY too many tears have gone into the production of this film, for which I view as an acomplishment for myself. And as of now, I don't see any way in the near future the possibility of exposing myself to the general public....

Sorry to all who are interested in seeing the final film!!

and, Mr.Fanfilmfan, There is reason behind the ships, but I don't have any time to get into it now.

And, Mr. Fanfilmfan, (even more depressing for me now) the cockpit is supposed to be a mock up of the falcon interior. (Try building these sets, it's not easy)

Oh well.. I had my run for a while...
Posted: Tue, 30th Apr 2002, 4:42am

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I um.... hated your trailor too...

Can i be a guest of honor too? lol

Just kidding dont give up your dreams of make cool movies just because a few others dont like it.
I thought that your trailer was great. Who cares if it was Star Wars or something else. The point is that you put some thought into your film. You took all the other "fan Films and took it to a new level. I have to say that was the best Damn Trailor i have seen in a long time. For any movie.
Keep up the good work. Dont let others get you down, after all i dont see them making films of their own. biggrin

P.S. I wana come to the opening!!!! smile

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Posted: Tue, 30th Apr 2002, 4:48am

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if you live within the SLC/Utah/Idaho vacinity, your more then welcome to attend the premier. Contact me for more info.
Posted: Tue, 30th Apr 2002, 4:51am

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How do i can i contact you?
Posted: Tue, 30th Apr 2002, 5:47am

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Posted: Wed, 1st May 2002, 4:08am

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i dont know whats going on... i downloaded it, and it doesnt play... some wierd codec or something?
Posted: Wed, 1st May 2002, 5:19am

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The trailor is encoded in the divx format. head over to and download their media player.
after instalation, the codec should be installed and you can play it regularly in windows media player.

Posted: Wed, 1st May 2002, 8:25am

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Hey, don't let people put you off making movies. There will always be people who like and dislike your films. But its important that you enjoy making them. And from the obvious effort that has gone into it I would assume you had a lot of fun shooting this.

I personally loved it. It had a lot of feeling in it, the last line of dialogue had hairs on the back of my neck tingling. Ok, so its not an original concept (how many films these days are!), but surely thats not the point. The point is to fulfill the fantasy of putting yourself into the StarWars role, and I would say this is something you've achieved with a great deal of accuracy.

Anyway, thanks for the submission. Put me on the list to see more of your films in the future, and good luck at the premier.
Posted: Wed, 1st May 2002, 9:30am

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Joshua Davies

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FXhome Team Member

This is a good fan film, I don't know why people criticising about it. If it didn't look and feel like StarWars then it wouldn't be a successful fan film. It's a kind of obvious statement but, if you don't like fan films then don't watch it. Please don't rate movies harshly because you hate the genre. Movies like this should be rated on all the normal things and on how close they come to looking/feeling like StarWars - this movie does well.
Posted: Wed, 1st May 2002, 8:28pm

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I wanna know some of youre idés! tell me some!
I bet something is usefull!... hope you dont pay for it lol

I have alot of own ides,,, but the fact is that mixing it with some other ides makes it a better movie.
And i have too say that im just tierd at Starwars fan films. There always good movies and so on. But i get tierd to see them, the lightsaber has gotten kind of.... weak.
I´ve seen a very good fan film, with "Mentos" parodi in it... Very good!
But thats the only one that stands out from others.
Its better to mix starwars with something other, then it would be new and far more entertaining. I made a movie, like a year ago i think... it was a 10 min starwas film, with a little differece. It was called "ChineseRealm"...
The name explains all.

Im not saying that this movie is bad!... good, lightning, scenes props and so on. And i always like fanfilms, and its not bad to rip everything off! That shows how much you like something smile
Posted: Thu, 2nd May 2002, 6:00am

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Scwar, Thank you for your comments. I appreciate hearing from people who know how to properly judge, criticize and rate.

Still, Frankly put, if you DO NOT have a taste for fanflims, then please don't vote on my film! or, if you DO vote, vote on the technicalities and not the subject matter! (are the SFX effective? is their proper pacing? is it exciting to watch? does it lag? are shots off? does it make you want to see the film? is lighting off?ect...)

Would you vote poorly on the "The Test" becuase you hate the Man vs. clone of him self style of fighting?

Also, please don't taint the potential of my film in ranking becuase of distaste of the genre. I think it's at least common curtosy to avoid any such action. Also, please don't take my statement as "Don't rank me unless it's high." I don't mean that at all.

Basicaly, what I'm trying to say is that if your going to give me a 1, I NEED to hear your support on it. "A star wars fan film fan" completely backed up his claim, and while I do not agree with him, I completely accept the validity of his argument, and therefore I personaly deem a low-ranking from him justified.

"Not another fan film..." Is not an acceptable argument, nor a proper reason to insult my work.

Thanks again to everyone who has downloaded my trailor so far, and those who will in the future.

For all those interested, the Web site is up @
Posted: Sun, 5th May 2002, 5:53am

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I am on a mac platforn, an 800 mhz imac g4 to be exact, & I cannot get to the site to view the movie. i believe it is a windows media file, why not go cross platform & make it a quicktime? Or did i just miss that one, i am fairly new to the program, & have a movie that is close to finished with a mere glowing eye effect, but onother friend of mine has made a 5-7 minute movie (have to ask him, may be 20 min, don't know) With full litesabers & about 10-15 audio tracks, most with just the hum effects & clashes. It is caled episode -1: the phantom moron I haven't a clue if he plans on posting it, but I will suggest it. Back to my main point, don't forget mac users. (final cut pro users -windows=evil)
Posted: Mon, 6th May 2002, 4:47am

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Jeebes, your absolutely right!
I'm currently pumping out a mac version as we speek. The hard part is getting a compressor to work properly on a widows based machine.

As far windows= evil goes, come on man!! Don't be so harsh!! lol... the funny thing with me is that I love to edit on both final cut (on the mac's where I work) and adobe premier at home. I think the end product looks just the same on both platforms, but the method of getting their is differn't.

Windows & Macs = oink (If that makes any sense)

I'll post a .mov versoin as soon as it is uploaded.

Posted: Mon, 6th May 2002, 1:47pm

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Lord Dugall

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Please, rank the movies your confortable with. If you don't like starwars, don't D/L de movie and don't rent it at the video store. AlamDV is especialy made for those kind of effects, and they are well used in this movie.

It's really hard too have a professional lookalike movie with absolutly no budget and that is why you gotta give the credit to people who work they movie like this one. The music, the text, CG WOW! biggrin

Can't wait to see the final product.
Posted: Mon, 6th May 2002, 9:17pm

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You guys are really sensitive. Sorry, but I have a right to my opinion, and I think there's WAY to many Starwars things here. I need FX's in AlamDV for Ghost Busters, Star Trek, and even Dragon Ball Z, and yet, time after time, all I see is Starwars stuff.

You definently have the best looking Starwars "FanFilm", as you call them, on the Alam website. And that's the reason I voted on it, as opposed to ignoring your film like the countless other Starwars clones. It just seems to me to be ALOT of wasted talent! Instead of putting all of the creativity into something orginal and cool, you waste it just remaking other people's works. It seems lazy to me. And not just because it's Starwars, but because it's also Jedi. There's alot in the Starwars Universe man, alot more then those damn robed weirdo's with the Force. Interstellar Traders, Smugglers, Robots, other alien worlds, ect, ect, ect.

And another thing, this is NOT a Starwars FanSite, so I think most of all, if you are expect alot of praise for your work, you are posting in the WRONG place. This is a website devoted to Alam users, and as an Alam user myself, I've seen WAY too many Starwars movies, OK??????

So in closing, your work is great, if you are into ripping on Starwars. But since this isn't a Starwars FanSite, I am telling you straight up that I don't like it. I don't like how you used music straight from the movie, or copied scenes out of the movie to pad your production. You say you made those CG scenes yourself, but I have my doubts. Even if you did, they are still based on scenes right out of the movie, so that also kinda get's under my skin.
Posted: Mon, 6th May 2002, 10:31pm

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I'm sorry that you are in the wrong place. This site is to the public for posting and viewing other peoples work. If you don't like Star Wars, then don't watch that clip. There is nothing wrong with showing off other talents than making up your own story. I'm sorry if you can't take it. If you want, you can make effects on your own, by using the Plugger.

I'm not debating about this, because I like Star Wars. It is because you critisize other peoples' work because it is about a show and/or movie you don't like.

If you are not satisfied with all the Star Wars movies, then make one on something else. Try something different. Show off your talent. The only reason I would rate poorly, is if it had poor effects. The story has nothing to do with it. This site is EFFECTS! Not a story compition.

I'm sorry if I sound so negative, but I had to get my point across.
Posted: Tue, 7th May 2002, 12:34am

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oh dear...
You obviously have not done your Homework Mr. Maxtoker. (the most logical explination for this rests in your name.) The music was Composed by E.S. Pothumus, and has nothing to do with Star Wars (music of which composed by John Williams.)

I could try to explain the philosophy behind this film, but I'd rather not waste my time.

Let's all just IGNORE this little argument from now on! Can we PLEASE move ON from the debate over fanfilms and move to somthing a little more productive... like... oh.. I dunno... Editing? lighting? continuity? all those good film-related things. We ALL know the debate about fanfilming.. we've seen it SOOOOOO many times!!!

Oh btw, Haichi, I really like your comments! Thank you! wink

Posted: Tue, 7th May 2002, 4:12am

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One other quick thing,

I will pay you 1,000,000$ cold hard cash if you can PROVE to me that footage was yoinked from the original star wars!!! Becuase I know for a FACT that all of the CG work was hand done (except for a lot the models, which are the work of other people.) I wanted to replicated the original Star Wars, and therefore mimicked a lot of the sequences (going into the trench)

You can have your doubts, but I KNOW what my work is. Go ahead! pull out your old copy of "A new hope" (if you have it) and compare the shots!

(Once again, I'm REALLY sorry to bring this back up again after my last post. please don't take me for a hypocrit!)
Posted: Sun, 12th May 2002, 9:14am

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What the f*ck?

Can you revote? i voted a 4, but when i pressed the vote button it pops over to a 2!?!?!?!?!?! crazy stuff! evil
Posted: Sun, 12th May 2002, 11:54pm

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I'm sorry! I have no idea how that happens, but anyways, I'll take it into my heart that you voted a 4! smile

Anyways, here's something REALLY cool for everyone!! "Fall of the Jedi" Has been featured on state-wide Utah Local news!! A FULL story!! (WHOOOHOOO!!) I will be digitizing it, and uploading it to the website within the next couple of days or so! check for updates!

Posted: Sun, 23rd Jun 2002, 9:22am

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I must agree that there are a few starwars films on here, but Alamdv does have a good mix now of other effects.

I have summited a cgi version of starwars ( only in the hope of getting to the No. 1 spot.) My other films " Call me a Alein " & Call me a Spaceman " do not have anything to do with starwars

Yet in the first day of having my films on here, the starwars got way more views than the others.

So I have come to the conclusion that 99% want to see starwars stuff.

So go forth, knowing that the only way you will get to No.1 is to kill Ja Ja on screen with a Lightsabre

That ends a party political braodcast.
Posted: Sun, 23rd Jun 2002, 9:54pm

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Yes.. it's strange.. everyone wants to see starwars "shit" i know why.. but i don't know why also... strange! crazy crazy
Posted: Wed, 26th Jun 2002, 9:26pm

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Great news people!! We are OFFICIALY the featured film at !! so hop on over there, and check out the webpage! I've also uploaded the newstory that was shot by FOX news on the page as well!

Go check it out! i'll also release some other clips from the film as well, in the near future.

I KNOW the trailor says 'may2002' but there has been a HUGE set back, which you can read about on the page.
However, release is planned for 3-4 weeks, and all seems to be going well!

Thank you for you're continued support! Keep those downloads comming!

Director/Producer of Fall of the Jedi
Posted: Fri, 5th Jul 2002, 9:45pm

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Please; can everyone tell me what's the music they have used in the trailer of "fall of the jedi"?? rolleyes
Posted: Tue, 9th Jul 2002, 10:31pm

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that's cool. you should list the .mov file that's on fanfilmfx here:)
Posted: Sat, 13th Jul 2002, 6:55am

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Wonderful trailer when is the movie coming out biggrin lol
Posted: Sun, 14th Jul 2002, 12:14am

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I think 1-2 weeks now. Am I close Mugwump?
Posted: Thu, 25th Jul 2002, 10:21am

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and now my comments.

i liked the blue screen fx, done well.
costumes were good and so was the acting.
light sabre fight was good, i would like to see the full film.

But what let it down for me is the use of the REAL starwars scenes.
maybe you should try and work with 3dmax objects in bryce ?
then it would be your whole on film. ( just an idea )

3 worthy votes from me. smile
Posted: Thu, 25th Jul 2002, 2:00pm

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I will pay you 1,000,000$ cold hard cash if you can PROVE to me that footage was yoinked from the original star wars!!! Becuase I know for a FACT that all of the CG work was hand done (except for a lot the models, which are the work of other people.) I wanted to replicated the original Star Wars, and therefore mimicked a lot of the sequences (going into the trench)

You can have your doubts, but I KNOW what my work is. Go ahead! pull out your old copy of "A new hope" (if you have it) and compare the shots!

Please read the whole forum before you make any sugestions. Thank you.
Posted: Thu, 25th Jul 2002, 2:02pm

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That was me, BTW. and I'm talking to b4ask30male.
Posted: Thu, 25th Jul 2002, 3:38pm

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Just proved my point, i got told that i did not make the meshes for the film starwars VII when i'n my posting i wrote i had made a couple not all.

It's heart breaking when you put time and love to make something and people don't belive you you done it.

Not taking anything away from you, and if you did do them, then i would have put that all over the comments when you uploaded the film.

really wonderfull work then.

i notice you don't vote on many films, it might be your chance to speak your mind about other peoples films, like they have done to you.

go forth young man, and vote & comment, and see if the rest like your comments. twisted ( but be nice ) rolleyes
Posted: Sun, 28th Jul 2002, 4:56am

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Actualy, I consider it quite a compliment!! When Fox aired the news story on FOTJ, one of my friends called me and said he saw me on TV + "They showed a lot of clips from the film, but they threw in some from the original Star Wars as well." When in actuality, ALL of it was my work! smile It tickled me pink to think that people thought my work was proffessional. I did not however make ALL The meshes (I did a couple of the really simple ones) but I did do all the animation.)

And yes, I AM going to start voting on more films! I've just been increadibly busy with FOTJ. As soon as it's finished, I'll have more time for that sort of thing smile

Speaking of which,
the film WILL/should be out before Monday! smile

All I have to do is render the credit scroll, compress it, and upload it to the servers. smile

Thanks for all your support + comments! you guys rock!

(BTW... what did you guys think of the Newstory done by FOX? If you havn't seen it already, goto and click on 'featured film'.)
Posted: Thu, 1st Aug 2002, 2:34am

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ok, Quick FOTJ update here.

Yes, yes yes...I know I said 2-3 days a week ago. And wheres the film? Well, good news and bad news.

Bad news first (as always) : The film will not be out for another... hopefully 4 days.

The good news: The film is being professionaly compressed! into a NICE .mov file that will be 50% smaller in file size and about 25% higher picture quality then the .avi divx version. The divx version was about 120mbs, and the quicktime will be 60-80.

Sorry to keep everybody waiting, but it WILL be online soon!

Posted: Thu, 8th Aug 2002, 1:11am

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Is it still being compressed or is it just taking forever to upload it on the server?

Cause it's been over 6 days. lol Is it almost ready? lol lol lol
Posted: Fri, 9th Aug 2002, 10:40pm

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Guys guys guys!! I am feeling SOOOOOOOO terrible about this!!
I'm trying SOOOO hard to get this thing uploaded! It's finished, and is being compressed right now, and should be up ASAP.
The problem, was that when I sent the CD's in the mail to my friend is wisconsin, they got HORRIBLY scratched in the mail. So I had to re-send them. he got them last wednesday and started the compression, which should be done by friday. Then, it will be uploaded to

Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much for your patience!! you guys ROCK! thank you for standing by me! Enjoy the film!

Posted: Fri, 16th Aug 2002, 2:41am

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Ummm... It dosen't seem to be on either server yet. Is something wrong again?

I check everyday to see if it is on, but to no avail! Please Hurry! lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
Posted: Mon, 19th Aug 2002, 12:51pm

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As Darth_solus asked, what was the music used for your trailer?

Last edited Mon, 19th Aug 2002, 12:56pm; edited 1 times in total.

Posted: Mon, 19th Aug 2002, 12:52pm

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Sorry, pressed 2 times on submit! lol
Posted: Sun, 25th Aug 2002, 6:45am

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anonymous .just... a... MESS!!!

SORRY GUYS!!! My friend who compressed the film is having trouble uploading it to!!!

ARGGHH!!! This WILL get resolved!! and Ladies and gentlemen, the film WILL GET UP!! Please accept my sincerest apologies for the delay of the film!

Director of "the Fall of the Jedi"
Posted: Mon, 2nd Sep 2002, 3:40am

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Guess what??
it's FINALY up!!

Posted: Tue, 14th Jan 2003, 10:36pm

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Finally, i have found the music we can hear at the final part of the trailer.
The song is called "Menouthis", from E.S Posthumus
You can find it easily at kazaa or another p2p program.
Posted: Sat, 31st Jan 2004, 12:27am

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Dude, it looks like you got an awesome movie here. Your effects are very well done. Let suggest one thing though. Try putting a little more glow on your lightsabers. They looked a bit thin. After you do that, it'll be perfect.

Posted: Sun, 1st Feb 2004, 3:27am

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Ok where can I download the full movie. The trailer is awesome and I cant wait to see it. Did you know there is someone else making a film with the same title. That looks rather good too.
Posted: Sun, 1st Feb 2004, 5:03am

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Malone and the mods, find out this guys ip and send em some nice looking viruses wink (or just boot the ip from the site smile )
Posted: Sun, 1st Feb 2004, 10:44am

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Ok, well I've just been to fanfilmfx and the film isn't there. So where can I find this movie?
Posted: Mon, 16th Feb 2004, 1:11pm

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This movie looks so cool I can't wait to see it, but there is a small problem I see and that's with the snub fighters now that's my favourite thing about starwars and I see only faults. First off it's before the galaxtic civil war so no way are they going to have the Incom T-65 X-wing the closest thing they are going to have is the Incom Z-95 Headhunter and even then it would be rare. They be best off seen in Nabbo Fighters or Jedi Star Fighters. Now the preview also showed Tie Interceptors, now they were designed purely to take down the X-wings so they weren't developed till even after them. They might have Tie Fighters for the clones but it's still unlikely and they'd have an earlier version. What I am saying is that your getting a little ahead of yourself especially since the Death Star would only have been in early development stages and I doubt it would have even been anywhere close to being completed.

!!!Wedge Antillies Rules!!!
Posted: Fri, 20th Feb 2004, 2:58pm

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Solid Snake

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that was good,
better than most star wars things out there, i'm sure it will be better than the over rated PRODITION, anyway, i look forward to the final release.

Posted: Fri, 5th Mar 2004, 11:47pm

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dude, this film came out two years ago. whats going on? surely it doesnt take 2 years. ignore the star wars slating comments, but dont take yourself so seriously! its only star wars.
Posted: Sat, 3rd Apr 2004, 1:29am

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This film was released a couple of years ago. There was some turmoil among the creators (of which I am one), but it was two years ago, and now most (if not all) is forgiven. I no longer have a decent copy of the final 20-minute film, but I've got an even better five-minute clip somewhere.

Good thing I was browsing the site while downloading AlamDV again. I'd nearly forgotten about this.

I'll upload a quicktime version of the condensed movie (the good parts) and post the link sometime within the next month or so. (I'm on a crappy connection you see.)

-Aaron Bruderer/Albylion
Posted: Sun, 11th Jul 2004, 4:16am

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shaada noira

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would love to see the 5 min version or better yet the whole thing if possible
When I first downloaded the trailer, I couldn't see it only listen to it because I didn't have the right media to play it on. For a long time I thought it was boot copy of up coming Star Wars film. I finally saw and it was really good. Your trailer got me wanting more.( I know that's what it's for) Anyways if I could any more of the movie I would love to.

Posted: Sat, 24th Jul 2004, 11:06pm

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The five-minute version has been uploaded. Thanks for reminding me smile

I'm supposed to be getting the full version sometime soon, I'll submit that too.
Posted: Mon, 18th Apr 2005, 3:54pm

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hey dude can you post this in quicktime please
Posted: Mon, 25th Jul 2005, 4:33pm

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Could you post that in Quicktime.
Posted: Fri, 28th Oct 2005, 4:25am

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yea post it in quicktime
Posted: Sun, 19th Feb 2006, 7:53pm

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couldnt see it, post it in quicktime please! frown
Posted: Mon, 20th Mar 2006, 8:46pm

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FXhome Movie Maker


Hello all!

It's been a looooong time since I've looked at these boards. I apologizes.

I'd love to respond to any inquires about the film. I.e, where to find the full version, etc...

Please email me at


Posted: Fri, 21st Apr 2006, 1:49pm

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very cool. that was the coolest ever! (hi 5)
that thing above is sorta ment to be a face
Posted: Thu, 18th May 2006, 7:54pm

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hi, this trailer is really cool! i searched for the hole video but cant find anything...can someone tell me where to find it? ( if it is finish yet smile )
Posted: Wed, 12th Jul 2006, 3:01am

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King of Blades

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Very cool! Are you actually going to make a real movie out of it? The music was awesome!!!
Posted: Sun, 27th Aug 2006, 8:06pm

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It was really great! the effects and music were awsome
Posted: Wed, 4th Apr 2007, 10:04pm

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That was awsome, your really good at lightsaber fx.
Posted: Thu, 3rd May 2007, 6:30am

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That was nice. Like previous comments I rather enjoyed the music.
Posted: Fri, 4th May 2007, 6:27pm

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Wow. That was some good stuff.