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How about a monthly preset library?

Posted: Tue, 7th Mar 2006, 3:50pm

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There are so many new presets that are really great I hate to miss one. How about a monthly preset library? Once a month all of the new presets for that month would be zipped up into a single archive file. Once a year a full set of zip files could be put in one. It sure would help to keep track of all the great work people have done.
Posted: Tue, 7th Mar 2006, 4:53pm

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We do intend to make it easier to download all the presets you want in the future. Theres info about a few of the options we are considering in this thread;
Posted: Wed, 8th Mar 2006, 10:10pm

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You know that could probably be a good idea but i don't think it has FXHome feel. I mean i think that would be good perhaps for another site or something but after owning ALAMDV2 and now EffectsLab Pro i think i like it the way it is and wouldn't wan it to change one bit! That's just my opinion...also....

There's "Most Recent" which let's you see the newest ones and also "Search" so i think that helps alot and i'd just like to say FXHome rules!!!!