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FILM LOOK preset Request!

Posted: Thu, 9th Mar 2006, 10:58pm

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Still haven't seen any real good "Film Look" presets yet for EL.

There are a lot of good preset lay overs but nothing that still warms things up with out over doing it or making things to dark.
Posted: Fri, 10th Mar 2006, 2:19am

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Presets are created based on the users footage. If your footage is different in any way on quality, lighting, how the shot is set up (medium, long, closeup), etc. the preset will not look as the creator intended perfectly. You have to make adjustments. You should play around with the brightness if it is too dark. Learn colour theory and you should understand how color balance works with video on your computer. Film is still the standard for all features, though HD is used in several films, film will always have that look and will always be special. Color correction is the first step, then colour grading and additional compositing.