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Camera shake plug-in

Posted: Wed, 15th Mar 2006, 5:54pm

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This is so lame, but I can't seem to get a good camera shake done right. Looking for two, one for small bumps and one a little larger that lingers a bit longer.

Is this something that can be a plug-in? Kind of like the battlestar blur-zoom effect?
Posted: Sat, 18th Mar 2006, 3:40pm

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This should be easy enough for you to do, just keyframe the picture moving and add a slight motion blur in the direction of the movement.

Remember to apply motion blur only to the frames that animate.
Posted: Sat, 18th Mar 2006, 4:34pm

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Yeah, like Oily says, it's best to do that yourself. Because creating a preset which saves the dimentions and quad things might not work the same for everybody, because people aren't using all the same dimentions. Let's say you work with 720x576 footage.. If I then create a preset where I've used a bigger or smaller image the preset won't work... So to fit your project perfectly it's best to do it yourself by each shot to make it just what you want. Good luck though! biggrin

Posted: Mon, 27th Mar 2006, 4:36pm

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Gold Member i made this Tutorial a while ago. Dont know if that could help.