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American buyers

Posted: Sun, 9th Apr 2006, 10:41pm

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I was wondering...

I notice that the FXHome store offers their products, and sells them for pounds...

Is there a way to buy the products in USD?

I haven't ever bought anything that wasn't in USD before, but I'm guessing maybe a credit card could be used, and the USD quivalent to pounds would be sent to FX home?

Sorry if I sound like a n0ob on this matter.
Posted: Sun, 9th Apr 2006, 10:52pm

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If you buy Effectslab DV or Compositelab DV, it will cost you about $111 dollars. Pro is about $154. Vision Lab HD is about $515. Dont worry about it displaying the price in pounds, you will purchase in USD.
Posted: Mon, 10th Apr 2006, 2:40am

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Great. Thanks for the help! smile
Posted: Mon, 10th Apr 2006, 9:01am

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Simon K Jones

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Indeed, when buying stuff from other countries, the amount gets calculated based on the international exchange rates. There is a currency converter on the store page you can use to convert UK pounds to your local currency.

When you actually buy, the banks work it all out automatically, so it doesn't really matter where you're from, as long as you have a credit/debit card.
Posted: Thu, 13th Jul 2006, 1:19pm

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Note that the rate of exchange varies continuously (though unless you live in a very volatile economy, it won't vary by much), and the bank will work out the rate for when you make the transaction.

So, if you use the calculator today and see its $111.63 (US), then wait a couple of weeks, the price may be off by a dollar or so.

(back when I was a college student, there were times when that dollar mattered... it was 2 days worth of ramen noodles)