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Double Barrel: Revamped

Posted: Tue, 11th Apr 2006, 10:14am

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Double Barrel... re-shot and re-edited.

In a world where every choice has a consequence, you have to fight to survive...

Narcotic agents Nick Wolfe (Tom Evans) and Brian Hunter (Stanley Remnant) blast their way through LA's criminal underworld searching for russian drug baron 'Dimitri Drazen' (Adrian Boyle). The clock is ticking as our heroes shoot first and ask questions later in this unforgettable action thriller.

This REVAMPED version of the previously posted 'double barrel' features mind-blowing special effects, explosive action and unforgettable characters. Whether or not you have seen the original Double Barrel, this REVAMPED version is a must-see movie.

More Info
Posted: Tue, 11th Apr 2006, 8:59pm

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Man that is way better than the first! More action packed and good color grading and great Special Effects! I still look forward of seeing the real film and I hope it will be as good as this!

Keep up the great work! biggrin
Posted: Wed, 12th Apr 2006, 2:06am

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NIce really great and better then the first. I looks as if u have a tripod now. One question though what did u use or do for the smoke in it like the gun and the bullet hits ect..?
Posted: Wed, 12th Apr 2006, 2:34am

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Deffiently better than the 1st as far as effects go. I think the sound effects could have been a little better if you searched for some better weapon/explosion/bullet hit sounds, but no biggie.

The thing that just got me is how they just walked through the parking lot completely exposed right up to the guard. Just the way the plot moved was hokey (SP?) Maybe if you had a more thought out plot it could have been executed better.

I was confused with the Dimitri thing, since he just dropped the briefcase and scrammed, I didn't really get who he was or anything. Still the effects made up for the lack of plot. Great Job overall.

Hopefully you guys will make the whole film and you will clear up confusions with charactors and what-not.

I give it a 3/5
Posted: Wed, 12th Apr 2006, 6:24am

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good effects
Posted: Wed, 12th Apr 2006, 10:00am

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thanks for the replies guys,

We re-shot this again for a buddy of mine who's taking his A-level film and wanted us to do "Double Barrel" again. We decided we wanted it short so the teacher allowed us to do an Opening begining of a movie... so Double Barrel is just the opening of the movie... It was hard to pack all of it in under 4 minutes so we increased the amount of action so that you'd see more of the cool stuff in the opening part of the film. If we ever finish Double Barrel we will definitely make it so you get to know the characters more and just how they live their life. To answer a few questions/replies

We got all of the smoke from Sollthar, here is a link to where you can get them...
they already uploaded kindly one onto fxhome so you can see how good they are... also this movie is quite a good demo for Sollthar showing off all the smoke etc... As for the sparks Im not sure how but I found them on my Desktop, it was a folder full of all these spark his. I think someone uploaded them once but I can't remember who or when. Anyway i'll upload them for you so you can use them as stock for your latest movie.

I myself did the effects and editing, and i mostly used stock footage which comes out awesome... but also I used EL aswell...

Bamsukka: Thanks for the reply, as I said the film was only the opening so we couldn't really introduce the characters just yet but if we ever finish Double Barrel we definitely will.

Thanks again guys for the reply, especially Bamsukka, helped us to make our next film so we won't make as much mistakes

Posted: Wed, 12th Apr 2006, 12:19pm

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The guy catching the gun (without looking-no less) was very cool, quite unbelievable and more than a bit much, but still very cool! I watched that part several times-very well done, nice cuts. The guy who gets blasted in front of the brick wall did a great job. Nice!
Posted: Wed, 12th Apr 2006, 1:01pm

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Adrian here.

I wanted to reshoot the film for my a level project since i had seen the original and saw it had potential and matt was very talented with special effects. The original just lacked steady and conventional camera shots, so i thought i could change that. We also had a much better camera this time round, which is very clear if you compare the old one to the new one. Id like to thank matt for his brilliant work on the editing and special effects!
Posted: Wed, 12th Apr 2006, 1:06pm

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This was quite cool, but i'm a bit confused - is this meant to be serious? The content bordered so continually on the ridiculous, that i concluded it was intentional, yet there were also several moments where the content was deeper than a pastiche. Please clarify.
Posted: Wed, 12th Apr 2006, 1:24pm

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It was a gimmick of hollywood action films. I made the film to reference the hollywood action film conventions, ie, lack of plot, ridiculous action sequences(where somehow the characters never die, despite being completely outnumbered) and just pure entertainment. I think the film portrayed this fairly well. The film was in no way a serious film, but it can be seen just as serious as most of the Hollywood crap that people watch, eg bad boys etc, you get the idea.

Posted: Wed, 12th Apr 2006, 3:32pm

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Heh, right well in that case this was most enjoyable!

The fact i was confused would indicate you probably need to make it's genre clearer - at the moment the distinction is a bit blurred so doesn't have the impact a good spoof should.

Aside from that though, in general the effects were good. I enjoyed the way that the guns gave off smoke the thickness of burning tyres, the fact that your grenade was quite clearly a Lynx/Axe can and the toy shotgun was...well a toy shotgun. The absurd volume of the sound effects (which were often wildly inappropriate and sometimes badly clipped) also amused me. The melodramatic zooms into people's faces before they fired guns were quite funny, but bordered on annoying after a while, unfortunately razz
Posted: Wed, 12th Apr 2006, 3:42pm

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lol thanks Xcession,

the next film im making is going to be all serious, absolutely everything, I found this quite fun to make because of the look on the faces of the good guys why it zoomed in and well overall we had a great time and great laughter. The film was reshot because of Adrians A-levels and we wanted to give it a bit of cheese biggrin

Its so hard to find the right props here in the UK because they've banned airsoft guns so we can't import them into the country or anything whereas in america its Airsoft heavan! We had to choose toy guns because there wasn't really an alternative, especially where I live. The main part were the effects, We tried to give it a Hollywood look by adding all the smoke and well I think it looks quite good. I wanted to demonstrate Sollthars smoke pack and at the age of 13 I think it turned out OK. Although yes I can Definitely tell where your coming from and well, theres always room for improvement wink
Posted: Wed, 12th Apr 2006, 8:03pm

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Very cool and fun short even though it was cheesy I still enjoyed watching it. Pretty good effects, I especially liked the first grenade I thought that actually looked really good. Even the bullet time effect looked relatively good and usually in amateur films they look like crap. Good job and cool short. 4/5
Posted: Wed, 12th Apr 2006, 10:32pm

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The begining shots looked great, but moved terribly. They didn't pan smooth enough. I liked the action scenes. The muzzle flashes looked believable, this film sold me on Sollthar's smoke pack. My favorite part has to be where they shoot the guy standing guard on by the railing, and catch the shotgun as it's falling towards the ground. Awesome stuff. Get some new sound effects (especially the explosions). I recommend you try avoiding using Half-Life sounds as much as possible (in most cases). 4/5.

What music was used? Sounded familiar.

What did you use to create the blood?

What was this shot on?
Posted: Thu, 13th Apr 2006, 4:51am

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Your 13? I would like to give your 6 stars! Great job!!!

Yes there are parts that could be better, but your composition, editing, and pacing (not to mention Fx) are much better then some slackers i went to college with.

Keep it up, one day I'll get a job from you!
Posted: Thu, 13th Apr 2006, 5:46pm

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I thought over all this film is one of the best films I've seen on FxHome. The cinematography was immense; the shots were consistent and despite the plot lacking, the whole idea just worked. I saw the first one as well and I could see the improvements made. What happened to Ross Marjoram though? Did Adrian Boyle take over from his role? If so, I believe that to be a mistake, one which you should rectify if you choose to redo this again. I look forward to seeing your next masterpiece. 5/5
Posted: Thu, 13th Apr 2006, 6:33pm

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bluray 57,

I only took over the role from ross cos i was directing the film for my coursework, therefore i had to sort of be in it(despite not really wanting to). I also thought ross didnt suit the part, hes the most least threatening drug baron/gangster ive ever seen on screen smile

Posted: Fri, 14th Apr 2006, 5:41am

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Framen Noodles

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My favorite part was the Axe can grenade, that blalantly said "GRENADE" on it. I don't know if this was intended to be funny or let the audience know, but I found it quite humourous. And also the fact that it was an Axe can. Great job overall by the way. The smoke effects from the guns and the sparks looked great. Maybe a plot next time...? biggrin
Posted: Sat, 15th Apr 2006, 1:34pm

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J Mijares

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Wow, this was an exceptional use of special effects! I'd have to agree with the comment about the drug dealer not looking too threatening, though since he didn't get involved in the shootout, it seemed to be okay that he wasn't so menacing. I thought one part was a bit odd though: there was a lot shooting at the beginning, and you figure the bad guys would have been alerted the moment the thug on the stairs got shot. Still, it was a nicely-done film.
Posted: Wed, 19th Apr 2006, 2:57am

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what kind of camera did you guys use?

some of the shots came off looking like a movie!!!

also, what filters, if any did you use, because it looked like you were using some.
Posted: Wed, 13th Dec 2006, 12:03am

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Young Morpheus

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Hey great effects used ! One thing . What was the process of the bullet leaving the gun in slow motion was it a preset or a different program ?

Thanx biggrin
Posted: Fri, 22nd Dec 2006, 12:25pm

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Rating: +2

Hey, I used blender 3d to do the bullet effect and i motion tracked it using Icarus. I then render it out on a clean green background and composited it in later. If you need help anytime just PM me.
Posted: Sat, 12th May 2007, 1:50pm

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That was the best gun fight scene on fxhome thats my opinion 5/5
Posted: Wed, 20th Jun 2007, 6:34am

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That was the best movie I have seen as far as gun fights go on this website and I enjoyed it. The only thing is what editor did you use for the scene with the bullet flying through the air at the bad dude pointing the gun at the good dude, becuase my demo of FX home Effectslab lite doesn't do that and if Effectslab Pro does I would rather have it.