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Dust blowing in different directions

Posted: Sat, 15th Apr 2006, 2:29am

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A preset where dust blows out from one spot and spreads everywhere very quickley.

In other words you have an origin point, and where ever that point is put on the screen dust will blow out from it ground up kind of like a rocket taking off.

Except the dust doesn't just keep going up it just sprays out 360 around the spot continuely.

Can anybody make such a preset..... does anybody know what I'm talking about.... IoI

This might actually really help go to this site:
and watch:

3 Saiyans Powering Up 0:21 0.99 MB

They yack for a few seconds but the dust shot where they change the color of they're hair that is what I'm looking for.

Can anyone do that I would SOOOOOOOOOO appreciate it!