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artificial depth of field [ANSWER]

Posted: Sat, 29th Apr 2006, 1:46am

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ok im not sure if you can only do this is composite lab. i want to add a DOF to my shoot, is this possible in effects lab pro?? if so how?? anyone want to help me out please? smile
Posted: Sat, 29th Apr 2006, 2:00am

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You could get a pic off the internet that looks close to where your filming and put it in the backround by importing it and masking your actors. I've done it a few times with E-Lab.

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Posted: Sat, 29th Apr 2006, 2:08am

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You can do it in EffectsLab, but in my experience, it will be a lot better in CompositeLab.

Posted: Sat, 29th Apr 2006, 3:46pm

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Here is an official tutorial on creating artificial depth of field. Please check the site before posting a question.

If you shoot with the intent of adding depth of field in post, by shooting the elements seperately, it isn't too difficult to achieve. If you have a finished shot already, and you want to add depth of field to it, then it will require a lot of frame-by-frame masking to cut out the foreground object on one layer, then apply a blur of some kind to a duplicate background layer. Defocus is the filter you want to use ideally, but you need Compositelab for that. Try the blurs included in Elab Pro to see which one you are happiest with.