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Having trouble compositing with white background.. [ANSWER]

Posted: Sat, 20th May 2006, 4:45am

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I'm trying to use some stock footage from detonation films (UnitK footage) but im not really sure how to take the white background out.. It doesn't seem as easy as taking out the black background.. can anyone help me out?
Posted: Sat, 20th May 2006, 10:20am

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You can take out the white background using several methods. You can key it out using for example the "Value Key" and setting it to white. Another way is to set the blend method to "Multiply" which will remove the white background, but the object will only be visible on a background that isn't black. The Multiply compositing method is much like an inverted "Add" or "Screen" mode.

Good luck!
Posted: Mon, 29th May 2006, 6:54am

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I don't use compositelab, but you could try inverting the colours of the footage in your favourite NLE, then export it to a format compatible with CompositeLab. That way, there will be a black background. Key that out, then (if possible, I know it is in Combustion 4), export the alpha matte for the footage as a video file. Then import the original footage, import the matte file, and you should be set, although depending how powerful the tools are, you may need spill supression or something.

If you can't understand somthing, just pm me.

Posted: Mon, 29th May 2006, 7:25pm

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I'm pretty sure in CompositeLAB you can import the footage, then in the key grade section tell it to invert colours. Which will invert only the key and your footage will look normal.

But i would be much easier to use 'multiply' or key it out using the value key filter thing.