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Posted: Sat, 20th May 2006, 6:55am

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Hello Fx users!

I am thinking of buying EffectsLab Pro but I would like to find out some more information before I buy it. The first thing I am unsure of is in the trial version of EffectsLab Pro when the project is rendered the quality is not really good (including zig zag distortions). Is this problem avoidable or nonexistant in the full version?

Also another question I have is can I select a part of something and move it around. Like for example if a I film someone aginst a green screen and then layer that over footage of something else would I be able to select the person's head in the green screen footage and move it around so that when it is all rendered it looks as though the person's head flys off?


Posted: Sat, 20th May 2006, 7:09am

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Welcome to FXhome!

The demo version has a restriction when rendering: It draws a big white X across the image. That doesn't happen in the full version.

I'm not sure what you mean by the "zig zag distortions". If you upload a screenshot to then it'll probably help to see what you mean.

Make sure, though, that your Render Settings are set to:

Composite quality: High (Anti-aliased)
Image scale: Full

Also, it could be related to interlacing. When you set up a project you need to ensure that the Project Settings match the type of video files that you are working with. E.g. PAL or NTSC, 4:3 or 16:9, and whether it's interlaced or not (along with field order). But don't let that overwhelm you! 99% of the time you can just pick from the preset list (PAL DV, NTSC DV, etc).

As for greenscreening, you'll need CompositeLab for that. EffectsLab is a program for generating visual effects, and it has some basic compositing tools for effects work. But CompositeLab is a dedicated compositing program and includes support for keying (green/blue screen work). Or, you could get VisionLab which is a combination of ELab and CLab, plus more, all in the one program.

For more info, have a read through this.
Posted: Sat, 20th May 2006, 10:45am

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Thanks Hendo

Geez Vision lab is very expencive. I might give it a miss. But anyway here is a screen shot of the funny zig zag lines: I was doing a little fun shot in the backyard incase you are wondering!
Posted: Sat, 20th May 2006, 10:50am

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Oh yeah, those lines are just the interlacing. I don't think you should worry about it, it'll look normal again when you've put it together and rendered it out from your NLE. (Non-Linear Editing).

Posted: Sat, 20th May 2006, 7:36pm

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There have been a few posts about interlacing lines recently!

Don't worry, if you output to video/tape/dvd you won't see the lines. If you are intending to have your finished footage viewed online or on a computer then deinterlace it and render your output as progressive scan.

Have a look at

Scroll down past the first few posts and you can see we pretty much covered off the interlacing artefacts issues.