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ALAMDV Help all-in-one PDF

Posted: Fri, 30th Mar 2001, 5:23am

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OK, great I´m downloading the demo right now, but everything sounds very promising... hope that´s real smile

I have a suggestion for improvement for the help files. Try to make a downloadable all-in-one file like I´ve created, it would be easier to read (offline) -> ...or I have to create it... and I will do this (when it is ok), when I like the program... and perhaps I will translate the help into german (for all german freaks like me).

Thanks for the program

P.S. I can´t post this message in the "Misc Announcements" Area... Please sign the everyone-can-post-here areas...
Posted: Fri, 30th Mar 2001, 9:33am

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I've asked for this... I'm sure it will be coming out at some point....

I'd like to see a tutorial with an accompanying clip.. then we can see how well we are doing....

Posted: Fri, 30th Mar 2001, 9:39am

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What do you mean?

You've asked for what?

Yes... "a tutorial with an accompanying clip"... so I have to test your demo and buy your software first *g*
Posted: Fri, 30th Mar 2001, 7:35pm

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We are currently working hard on the help files (well Xcession is, he's good at that sorta thing). We will definatly look into producing downloadable versions of the docs, we know many people have to pay for the time they are online.

The easiest way for us, would be to produce a zipped version of the html docs from the website. Seeing as everyone can read html without having to install anything. We're are also open to suggestions for other formats, pdf is a possibility, but html will be first.

Foreign language translations would be fantastic and we would welcome anyone who wanted to do this. At the moment we might have to rely on the fish to do our translations.

p.s. I think the "Misc Announcements" Area is puposefully admins only. I think Xcession wants to restrict that forum to our ALAMDV announcements
Posted: Fri, 30th Mar 2001, 9:20pm

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Yes there is already a rather basic help file available.

if you make sure your flash menu is refreshed, you will find Help Files under the support section. There is a text link to the same things in Updates.
Failing that, go to

The files are incomplete but i've made them live as theyare because so many people seemed to be needing them.
Posted: Thu, 4th Oct 2001, 10:39am

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Is that from the AMERICAN JEDI clip?
who made that btw?