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moving backdrops

Posted: Tue, 30th May 2006, 12:28pm

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hi dose any one know were i can get the bet moving backdrops from please
Posted: Tue, 30th May 2006, 2:48pm

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Darkest Hour

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We use these at my TV Station. They are a great product.
Posted: Wed, 21st Jun 2006, 4:19am

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Digital juice are nice indeed, but very pricey. Try our moving backgrounds,

Posted: Fri, 23rd Jun 2006, 12:41am

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Art Video

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I was just at Flamingtext and I found a page on there with moving backdrops I have the url I think you have to subscribe but you can see demo of each of the ones they have I saw some neat ones like what a person would use for a desert racer and alot of others I think its worth checking out.
Posted: Sun, 30th Jul 2006, 3:14pm

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Odd cl

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You can always just go ask if you can film a place. I get all of my backdrops for my films from recording places that actually represent the look like if its woods i actually go film tons of different angles and also a slow walking side shot to back to front ect of the area. Then when all of my cast can come film we work in front of a green or blue screen.