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What Inspired You to Make Films, and How Did You Start?

Posted: Fri, 2nd Jun 2006, 7:47pm

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I thought it would be interesting to see how everyone else got into filmmaking, and how they started out (ie, first film, first camera, first computer etc.)

Anyway, I'll start. I think I first got interested in filmmaking when I was 4 years old. My mum would take lots of home movies, and I was immediately interested in the camera, so I guess you could say that my first camera was a plastic toy that I got for my 4th b-day. A couple years later, our family upgraded to a Sony DCR-TRV103 Digital8, and that's when my brothers and I started thinking up ideas for films. Our first was a star wars one, shot by my dad, in our living room, with four scenes, and four takes.

A year after that, I started using our camera, and that's when we really started getting into filmmaking. We filmed a bunch of movies, unedited with a boom box playing the soundtrack in the background, the most notable of our early attempts was a sci-fi "epic" called Fart Fred.

Two years later, I started figuring out about editing and visual effects, and that's also when I discovered FxHome and AlamDV2. I started saving immediately for Alam, and in the mean time bought some junky editing software and installed it on my computer: A junky Dell running Windows 98 with a 10GB HD and 256MB of RAM. Needless to say, my computer crashed A LOT. And I mean a lot, but I pushed through and we had shot our first movie, directed by my younger brother, who strangely called it "Ducky Donald Doodles." I still don't understand it to this day.

And a year later, I got an iMac 17" Flatpanel and FCE, and that's when things took off.

It's been a long time coming, but I still am using that same iMac and Sony camera (about to upgrade both). But I can say that my filmmaking experience has been enjoyable and I hope that it will continue to be.

Posted: Fri, 2nd Jun 2006, 8:15pm

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When I was in 4th grade I saw a comercial for this toy camera. I used it alot, but I never made movies with a plot until the end of 6th grade last year.

My first movie was either an action comedy or a horror movie. The horror was about a door that some kids go into even though thier mom says not to. Then the kid that goes in comes out and eats the other.

In the beggining of 7th grade this year I joined FX Home when I bought chromanator. Then I started to realy get into making movies and I started to actually make scripts and storyboards.
Posted: Fri, 2nd Jun 2006, 8:16pm

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The first movie i ever made was a weird sci-fi time travel thing me and a friend made at 3AM in the morning on a sleep over. We went into the future and met ourselves, and i glued a mustache on, heh...

Anyways, that was just for fun, i had stolen my dads old camera that shot on VHS tapes. Huge big old thing!!! Anyways, we continued with some random news programs and other things, and then we started writing scripts. I got my first camera in 2000 i think, but still were pretty much clueless on how to make a movie. Editing and stuff were still really new.

Then i got a copy of LOTR extended and started watching all the special features, and that really made me wanna make a "good movie" thats really when we really started to get into movie making.

Posted: Fri, 2nd Jun 2006, 8:30pm

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I had always been interested in movies, so when I was about 11 I saw a commercial for this Lego Stuidos kit (I loved LEGO back then) which could make me make movies with the toys I loved. Later, about a year later I saw a letter to a PC Magazine writing about AlamDV2, I checked the website out shortly after my family had bought a quite cheap but good Sony camera, a DCR-PC9E I think it was called.

Well, here I am 4 years later and about 140 short films richer, still loving movie-making!
Posted: Fri, 2nd Jun 2006, 8:50pm

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I had always been interested in writing stories since before I can remember. I always knew that I wanted to be a novelist until I was 12. Around that time one night I rented Fight Club, American Beauty, and Shower, three of my favoirte movies today, and ever since I watched them all one night, I decided that I wanted to work in film. Today, my apsiration is to be a screenwriter.
Posted: Fri, 2nd Jun 2006, 9:09pm

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I always liked to be creative, even as young child. I drew, wrote, composed, acted, sung and whatnot. Then sometime around my 9th birthday, I got my hands on a videocamera and soon I realised that this is the way I could focus all my creative drive into one project: film.

Yeah, I guess I got addicted from that on.
Posted: Fri, 2nd Jun 2006, 9:28pm

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Sometimes reading messages on here makes me feel very old! wink

My dad was always in to new technology and when I was growing up shot lots of 8mm film of my family (this was regular 8mm, before they invented super 8mm!). I used to like messing with the camera and sometimes we shot stories rather than home movies but it was all pretty low key. Then when I was ten I saw Jaws at the cinema and I thought wow, I just saw a man get bitten in half!

From then on I loved horror movies, monster movies and set out to make as many as I could. You won't believe the number of times that as a teenager I had my family buried in the back garden or stuck in a cupboard covered in fake blood. Looking back I can't believe how understanding they were...

Back in the days of real film we only had whatever effects we could dream up with props (I didn't even have sound unitl the end of my teens!). Now working with video it is amazing to see the power available to edit movies or add effects.
Posted: Fri, 2nd Jun 2006, 10:19pm

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petet2 wrote:

Back in the days of real film we only had whatever effects we could dream up with props (I didn't even have sound unitl the end of my teens!). Now working with video it is amazing to see the power available to edit movies or add effects.
Sometimes I wish that things had stayed that way. It's shocking to see how much visual effects are starting to replace good stories and characters. But I must agree it is great to be able to edit movies so quick, and great to be able to add effects, but it was fun for me too before I had editing software or effects programs to see what I could make without the help of a computer

Posted: Fri, 2nd Jun 2006, 11:40pm

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I was inspired to make films by a TV show "30 By 30 Kid Flicks" that used to come on HBO Family. And I started out by making stop motion animation films with little plastic army men. That was around the year 1997 when I was only 6. Years later when I was 12 I got in to computer animation and special effects back then I wanted Adobe After Effects to make light sabers. 2 years after that I heard about FXhome and that changed my life smile now I am making stuff that I never thought I would be able to do at such a young age. And here I am now and still going.
Posted: Sat, 3rd Jun 2006, 8:53am

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I always like creating stories from about 5 years old, writing, reading, acting etc. I always thought in a very visual way. Filmmaking seemed the logical next step.
Posted: Sat, 3rd Jun 2006, 11:26am

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I was an actor since an early age.
Then at about 15 i did backstage work for the schools thearte production and about the same time i was filming skate boarding and jackass type stunts.
Then grew out of that did a couple of stupid shorts,
found alam dv and chromater did millions of compositing and effects tests,
Then researched and learnt at uni bout shooting, shot, cameras, studio systems and now im finally ready to make my first festival worthy short film plus a couple of top notch music videos as well.

,It also helps my brothers a composer!
Posted: Sun, 4th Jun 2006, 3:07pm

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I'm pretty sure it started when I was at my friend's friend's house and he had a Digital Blue camera type thing when I was about ten or eleven. Really it wasn't the camera that got me interested but the software that came with it that let you add special effects such as lightning. That got me really psyched about post-production(even though I had no idea what that was back then) and eventually led me to fxhome looking for the software to make "special effects".
Posted: Sun, 4th Jun 2006, 3:37pm

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I also had one of those. Those special fx were realy fake and funny to watch how we used them even though that wasn't more than a year ago when I was using that
Posted: Sun, 4th Jun 2006, 4:17pm

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Sollthar inspired me.

(he paid me to say that)
Posted: Sun, 4th Jun 2006, 6:09pm

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I had started out just doing stupid internet videos, stop motion animation, etc etc. Then one day, two of my friends who have their own little film group wanted me to help them do a film, and since then I was hooked.
Posted: Sun, 4th Jun 2006, 7:38pm

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The TV show Animorphs inspired me to make movies. I'd always loved the book series, and seeing it on TV really showed me that you can take something you write down on paper and make it come alive.

Until about 1999 I used my Dad's old 20 pound Betacam video camera with no battery, so it had to be plugged into the wall at all times. Granted, I was about 9 or 10, so I didn't really care, but now things seem so different. Then in about 2003 I got this little Sony Handycam and just went crazy doing event videographyt and this and that.

I dind't get interested back in storytelling until last year or so, when I started reading up more on filmmaking and video. Now I have my GL2 and I'm ready to rock and make movies.
Posted: Sun, 4th Jun 2006, 9:34pm

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Lithium Kraft

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In 5th and 6th grade, my father, who works at the local university, borrowed their nice Sony handycam for a long time. I filmed random things, like home videos of squirrels doing hilarious things outside and experimented with the built-in effects on the camera.

I started getting more and more interested in making something real until I accidentally stumbled upon this website. I downloaded the demo and made a small lightsaber test and knew this would be what I wanted.

Later that summer I went to a friend's house and we made a movie, 5 of us. It was that day that Perpetually Disturbed Productions was born.

Today I have my own Panasonic GS250, EL Pro, CL Pro, and Premiere Elements 2.0, all ready to make movies with.
Posted: Mon, 5th Jun 2006, 2:49pm

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Alcohole and women.
Posted: Mon, 5th Jun 2006, 3:30pm

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Star Wars back in 1977 clinched it for me and my twin...

The odd part is that the first "venture" into film came at the "expense" of one of our cousins...

Long story of it- my brother and I had been witness to a forbidden viewing of Dawn of the Dead back around 1980... Inspired by one of the effects in the film, my brother and I set out to duplicate it for a laughable bit of jocularity over sibling rivalry...

We trolled through all of my grandmother's 8mm films looking for just the right footage and happened across a particularly fitting scene set during the Easter Holiday back int eh late 70s...

Having convinced our dear granny that we were interested in doing "something Star Wars" we perloined her 8mm movie camera and set about our ghastly task of "doing in" [obviously on film] one of our cousins in the movie we'd managed to sneak off with.

Thankfully we had access to our grandmother's attic and eventually the little outfit worn some years earlier by our cousin. With a little searching we managed to find there, nearby, an antique acitate plastic baby doll almost the same dimensions of the "hapless cousin" back then...

We took all the items home and set about the ghoulish work of prepping the doll for "DOD Day"...

We popped the head off and "slush swirled" acetone in the hollow head to thin it down "just so". Then began the laborious task of filling the head with red tinted Kayro syrup, corn chips, apple cores and sponge bits...

Finally, once we felt we'd added enough gore to the interior of the doll's "skid lid" we then place 3 M80 explosive charges inside. Along with the explosives a 'stunned' look of perplexion was painted on the doll's face as if it had some form of "terminal constipation"...

Side Note: Thankfully, no one [that I'm aware of] can purchase a "true" M80 firecracker anymore. The venerable M80 is the equivilent of 1/4th of a stick of dynomite! Yes, they were fairly readily availabel back in the 1970s [ask some parents/grandparents] most likely their demise/extinction in the consumer market was no thanks to kids like my brother and I were back in those days!

Now- Long story into an Epic: Once we had our "cousin" primed and charged, we ran off to the spot where the original film had been shot and having taken measurements of the location where our cousin had onced stood, we filmed the explosion of the doll [dressed in the aforementioned clothing]!

Needless to say, at 3/4 of a stick of TNT,we had to take a gardenhose to half of the front yard in order to keep our [then off at church] grandmother from gaining knowledge of our plot!

In those days, you had to mail your film off either on your own or through one of the local department stores- I'm sure there's things to compare the feeling to today- like waiting for Christmas morning- but the tedium and anticipation for the film's arrival was tantamount to maddening!

Eventually, the film arrived- and the footage was spliced into the original family film much to the gorey delight of me, my twin, and anyone we happened to show the grizzly film to!

Imagine our horror when one day we found it missing- only to realize that our granny had picked it up amongst all the other films we'd had stacked looking for "just the right one"!

The following week was an American tradional holiday- Thanksgiving!

Eventually or grandmother threaded the offending film into the family projector and was screamingly horrified when she saw her precious grandkid "Andy" blown to bits in her front yard before the film cut to some other family event.

My twin and I hid under teh bed for hours until we could convince her that the film could be re-editted with the "explodo-Andy" footage removed and seemlessly realized!

Funny thing- that Christmas I asked for a Dick Smith Monster Make-up kit. My granny was very staunch Baptist and anything that even hinted of "satanic" [hmmmm- gee nothing in my genes would have suggested such a streak, right?] she would have balked at- well, I got that kit!

Changed my life ever since!
Posted: Mon, 5th Jun 2006, 4:09pm

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I got into film making through my Boy Scout troop. My Dad has always been big on movies (he made about 20 or 30 back in his teens, during the Super 8 days), so he vouched to be our "Cinematography" Merit Badge counselor. When I was about 13, he hosted a merit badge workshop for the badge, and everyone was required to make a movie for it. I got together with a bunch of friends and made a really crappy movie featuring my Dad as some sort of evil scientist and my friends as a combat squad sent to kill him.

I had such a blast editing it, I decided to try some more, starting with "whack-a-sibling", a whack-a-mole takeoff, and have now worked my way up to Bad Day, as seen in the Cinema.
Posted: Mon, 5th Jun 2006, 4:59pm

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I've always loved movies, ever since I was young. (And judging by many of the posts in this thread, that was before some of your fathers were a twinkle in your grandpa's eyes. redface ) I've been a writer most of my life, and thought I might get into scriptwriting. But then I read about some of the experimental stuff going on at festivals with people shooting short films on limited media like camera phones, etc. and it got me thinking. I checked out YouTube and some online festivals and saw things that people were doing and it inspired me to begin experimenting. At this stage, that's still all I'm doing... experimenting. But it's exciting and I think I'll be sticking with this for a while.
Posted: Mon, 5th Jun 2006, 11:38pm

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A while ago my friend started showing me stick figure animations then I always wanted to make one. Then like a year later I bought Flash mx 2004 and it was extremely fun. Then me and my friend were really bored and we made our first movie out of alot. It was called "Twisty" and I used windows movie maker. Now I use Fx lab and Vegas.
Posted: Tue, 6th Jun 2006, 3:26pm

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Remco Gerritsen

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Well, I guess it's about 3-4 years ago when I really got interested in visual content and such...

I was making cartoon movies (with paint and Windows Movie Maker razz)

Then on a day I just took my dad's cam (because he didn't use it anyway) And I shot a very crappy movie, even more crappy then "My Revenge" which some guys probably have seen... Then I quited with it. And later I found Fxhome and that was the inspiration for me to go further with films.
Posted: Tue, 6th Jun 2006, 9:15pm

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I'm sure this has been elsewhere...

Anyway. It was Flash Gordon, the first film I remember going to see (alas I don't remember Star Wars, but I've seen it too many times since for that memory to remain). I fell in love there and then, but had to suppress it; filmmaking never used to be an available career when I was at school. My parents got a camcorder when I was 14, and it swiftly became mine. I made lots of silly little sketches, and when I got my Amiga I had great plans for making CGI with it. I even had an old genlock! Still, I ended up doing other things I didn't like, and once I had a computing job I got married. That was that.
Then we planned a holiday in the States, and I seized the opportunity to buy a new camcorder "for the holiday." After that I got myself a video capture card and AlamDV1 (wow!) and made a short, which almost ended the marriage. I wasn't allowed to do that again, so when we divorced I signed on for a filmmaking degree, and here I am smile
Posted: Tue, 6th Jun 2006, 10:04pm

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I started at about 8 or 9 making stop motion of microsoft paint. (before I had a camera)

I made a star wars battle, and a replication of episode 6s' award ceremony.

Here's one...

(direct link)

Only 106.1kb !
Posted: Wed, 7th Jun 2006, 1:17am

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there's a web cam on my computor and i always wondered what it was for. Then i learned that i have Windows movie maker, and i messed around with it and made a movie called Creature. A movie about a creature that stalks and kills people. based on a true story! I'm serious! my Older sister is Scary! Anyway after that i wanted more thatn just Movie maker. I found stick Pivot animator (pretty cool stick figure animation program). But I wanted to make special effects. SO i searched on google and found FXhome, and i hope to a become a film director some day!
Posted: Wed, 7th Jun 2006, 1:30am

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For Christmas in 2002 my brother got a Digital Blue camcorder. I had always been interested in how films were made and I always watched the special features on DVDs. I also thought it would be cool to make a movie so when my brother got that camera we started fooling around with it and shooting some random stuff and editing it and adding the Digital Blue effects.

Well it just so happened that around that time I started getting interested in the LotR and when I got my hands on the special extended edition DVD and watched all the making of stuff, I wanted to make a real movie. In the summer of 2003 I wrote the short story to a movie based on the LotR story only it was in my own fantasy world. Well it ended up that the project was going to be way over my head and there was a general lack of interest in it so I cancelled the project.

It was not until I found FXhome last year and started looking at the movies in the cinema, the software (at that time AlamDV2 and Chromanator), and read posts on the forum that I once again thought about doing my project. Well I came back to my original story and edited almost all of it to make it more original and longer and I also put it into script format. I now own EffectsLab and CompositeLab and my friends are interested in helping me out with it so we will be making it this year.

And that's basically how I got into filmmaking. I still watch the special features on the LotR extended editions for inspiration or to see what I can find that I didn't spot before. smile
Posted: Fri, 9th Jun 2006, 6:34am

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I've wanted to make movies since I was 10 (5 years ago)

The only problem is money. I've always thought big - wired stunts, real explosions layered behind people jumping out of the way, big 3D effects. That sort of thing. I've written 10 scripts since i was 10, but I can't seem to get enough cash to start any of them. They're all easy to do with the materials around me, but certain things are needed, like Visionlab HD, and a Canon GL2. And a better computer. and some decent actors, All of which, 'cept the last one, cost money. I need to find a way to earn more, but it's so hard when you're living in a rural town and you're parents are devorcing and there's a huge bill for them both to pay.

I need an estimated $13500, including a good $6k for productions and such...
Posted: Mon, 12th Jun 2006, 10:35am

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For me, I started in movie-maiking quite a long time ago (I just turned 46 today). I saved allowance money and bought a Canon 812XLS(?) Siper8 camera and a Yashica projector, which I used to make quite a lot of home movies with what I thought were intricated plots (Dad chasing the dogs because they ate the cat's food, etc.). When I was in highschool, I started editing the film with a one-gang editing know, the kind with the little screen in the middle. You had to scrape the emulsion off both sides of the area you cut and apply cement to get the weld just right.
I used to love to watch the credits of all the Sci-Fi shows I used to watch: "Star Treek", "Space: 1999", "Project UFO", "Quark", "Thunderbirds," "Ark2", and others. The show that really got my creative jucies flowing was "Jason of Star Command." Seems really stupid now, but that Saturday morning show had some of the best special effects around, produced by some of the ILM alumni.
When I was in the Navy, I bought a Beaulieu 16mm outfit with crystal sync and a Nagra tape recorder. I shot countless reels of film (mostly wildlife footage) and learned to develop the film myself. Unfortunately, the camera and recorder were stolen from my car, and I never saw it again. I ended up buying another 16mm camera, but never had the fortitude to use it as much as I did that Beaulieu camera.
I started my own production company in 1999, when the Digital8 camera became popular. People became amazed at what I could do with it, and I quickly graduated to the better Canon GL2. The zoom rocker switch broke about 3 years after I bought it, so now it's used to capture and output the digital footage I shoot. I now use a Sony VX2100 to shoot with, and I could not be happier with it. I used the Sony (and another borrowed Sony VX1000) to shoot an Italian cooking show that was aired in New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia. My company was also the post house on this show. I shoot mainly television commercials now, but have also produced some corporate documentaries and shot some freelance video for infomercials that have aired on the Outdoor Life Network.
One of the infomercials I worked on was for the Rhino Indestructible rod by Zebco. I got hired by another production company to go out with these fishing pros and shoot footage of them fishing with this rod and reel package and give their opinions about its flexibility and sensitivity, durability, etc. When we were in the Everglades (this is Florida), we gave the rod to an "Average Joe" kinda guy and I was filming away while he gave his testimonial. So the guy says while he's flexing the rod: "Is it really indestructible?" You coulda heard a pin drop. There was this relly long pause before I said "Try it out!" The guy bend the rod---not from the handle and the tip like you're supposed to, but by the handle and about three-quartes of the way to the tip---and th rod snaps in half. But not until he bends it to and extreme u shape. He tossed the broken rod back to one of the pros and motors his boat away. But the rod broke at one of the eyelets. The pro simply took out the 4 inch piece that was broken, pushed it back together, and was catching 10 pound bass the rest of the day with the same rod.
Just one of the many funny stories that happen to me doing what I love doing: shooting and editing video!
Posted: Mon, 12th Jun 2006, 9:30pm

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the new godfather

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The show jackass. lol I started fooling around with my grandpa's giant 8mm sony. We had some great times, then we started getting more and more into it with school projects, local teen and film festivals and what not. Very creative.
Posted: Tue, 13th Jun 2006, 12:41am

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King of Blades

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This may sound realy geeky, but what inspired me to start filmmaking was the Star Wars song "Battle of the Heroes". The music is so awesome. I wanted to make some sort of duel that fits in to that music, but then I though to myself, "Maybe I should make a real movie".

So then I started out with pencil and paper; the beginning of Star Wars: The Jedi Remnant.

Unfortunately, I picked up and dropped the project several times.... Now, I'm trying to start it up again... but the only problem there is that some of my main actors are out-of-town at the moment, so now, filming for the movie is going to be postponed even more.

Hopefully, before the start of 2007, it will be released...
Posted: Tue, 13th Jun 2006, 2:47am

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how i got into film making wow that was some time ago
right after starwars it was all about reading fxs books at the time
and then i got into horror makeup in back in 79 and got into
digtal artwork i just wanted more then it was full time as a mask maker yep horror ones ...........and gory make up and then 3d animation models and got info the digtal fxs
mixing the digtal fxs and gore fxs
i could have been on some many fxs houses but i just want my own crew i dont want to work under hollywood if i dont have too
theres a screen wrighter 2 doors down we have talked and he says if i change my mind the doors all ways open
but as far as film making yes that too the part i like is the video editing thats fun too and the score is all ways fun and the sound fxs ...........this is what i have all ways dreamed of fxs
now after moving i have to find a new crew sad
the last crew is from san fransico ca and the bay area we use to do horror flicks only and when i open the new studio 3
beginers are wecome and if your into fxs cool
Posted: Tue, 13th Jun 2006, 10:20am

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I remember back in 1998 or something when i was 8 years old me and my family took a trip up to a mountain near our city. We walked from that mountain to another, and that took about 6 hours so we talked about much. And so my father happend to tell me how one could make stop-motion using our camera. And I got really interested, and so as soon as we got home I started making some LEGO stopmotion shorts... They had no story or plot whatsoever, but it was fun to see the LEGO charecters move..! The following couple of years we made many LEGO-films with western style.

After a couple of years LEGO-Studios came out and my brother bought it. And I remember we used to make alot of cool movies. The stopmotion was alot better than what we produced with my dad's camera back then, but the quality sucked because LEGOStudios' camera was only a kind of webcam... But anyway, with LEGO Studios we progressed into acting ourselfs and making fencing movies and all..! razz

Just a few years ago we got a funny little camera which we had alot of fun with even though the quality wasn't too good. And untill last summer when I got money to buy my Sony HC42E that's the cam we used to make our movies...

Now I get really inspired to make movies by watching movies and Behind-The-Scenes documentarys. Also I actually get lots of inspiration from FXhome because of this community, their excellent products and the FXhome Cinema movies!

Posted: Wed, 14th Jun 2006, 6:26pm

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I first got into filmmaking when i was about 11 and made a short animation about a teddy bear getting run over by a car, it was very jumpy and not very long, shortly after that i began to make more films in a similar style and developed my skills further until i got a Sony TRV 33 when i was about 13.

Then i stared to make films with more of a budget, the first was called 'The Shed' and was about a mole who caught a couple of burglars by burying a shed that they were hiding in my family thought it was very good and my uncle suggested i enter it into a competition he had come across, so i entered and won the BECTA Creativity in Digital Media Awards 2005 which is a national competition that has to be entered through school, i won an eMac and a canon camcorder for the school. in addition to these great prizes a television film crew came to the school and interviewed me and my film was shown on BBC 2 on a program about all of the winners of the competition

My second major film was 'Rubbish' which is on this website along with a few other test films, i entered this film for the same competition and won for the second year in a row, once again winning an eMac and canon camcorder for the school, and the television crew once again came to my school and interviewed me.

Because of the success i had brought to my school i was invited to a presentation/awards evening by the head were i thought they were going to give me a trophy and a book on animation or something like that, but instead they bought me a G5 iMac and presented me with it in front of a hall full of people which was rather embarrasing but very exciting.

Now i am working on a film that i shot two years ago which should be much better than my most recently posted film 'The Shootout'. the film should be better as it has better effects, colour grading, better sound, music and more length and it has been edited in FCE HD with music from Soundtrack.

Posted: Wed, 14th Jun 2006, 7:18pm

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although i havent progressed much with effects, my movies have significently, and hopefully wil imrpove even more significantly.

But I started when I was around 9. My older sister(2 years older) got a blue toy camera(intel play, or digital blue i think). It would hold up to 2 minutes on high quality, and 4 minutes on low quality. Then we uploaded to the computer and filmed more.

At first, we just took pictures, then we found we could make things longer if we repeatedly pressed the main button, but youd hear clicks and it would be kind of like the old movies, where you turned the wheel and could see where each picture ended and stopped frequently.

We also didnt have sound, or we didnt know we did.

About a year later, we made our first actual movie. It was called Doom, and the whole thing was 2 minutes long. We didnt know we could place scenes together, so we had to cover the screen and run to the next spot and do the whole movie in those 2 short minutes.
6 scenes, 1 take.

Then we discovered both sound and scene editing.

My sisters camera broke, and I got my own, the exact same thing though.

We continued with more dooms, ending in the 5th one, titled Doom Reloaded.

Pretty funny stuff, but I think they were deleted when my drive was erased a year ago.

We also started making comercials, and anything we could think of. For 2 years thats all we did, everytime anyone in the town had freetime, that was aroudn my age of course, wed just go somewhere and make a movie.

These continued, and I discovered WMM at around 12. From then, my movies started looking a lot better, and cleaner, due to the enhanced editing compared to this small program.

At the end of Summer, 2005, my small camera broke and last Christmas, 2005, I got a newer, better one for 100 dollars. It's pretty tight, but soon I hope to get one much much better.

Then in March I discovered FXhome. And my movies are now looking much better, thanks to Oyvind for tons of help.

We basically make action comedy movies. We are currently writing an awesome movie, shooting to take place next summer.

All in all, I'm surprised.
Usually, you dont just think about how a chain of events is what lead you to your current movie making status, but thinking back, if 1 thing had gone differently, you might not have that status today.

My sister had seen something she had wanted better for christmas, and for all I know, I could be cross stitching insterad of movie making(kidding, i wouldnt follow)
Posted: Wed, 14th Jun 2006, 7:57pm

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I was so close going all sentimental and stuff writing this but,
I really got into making movies it's because I saw some amature-films and thought hell, I can do that even better! which I barely managed yet. Before that I'd done stop-motion, something I've seen on documentery about on TV and picked right up. Loving to draw when I was younger, animation was ofcourse also one of the major things why I got into filmmaking.
The third thing, and I don't seem to be the only one, is Star Wars.
Picking up copys of the original triology (not remastered), and watching them the first time was a impact on my life, and there it goes, sentimentaly!

From there on it's history!

Redhawksrymmer wrote:

Later, about a year later I saw a letter to a PC Magazine writing about AlamDV2
I wrote that! smile
Posted: Wed, 4th Apr 2007, 6:53pm

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iv'e wanted to make movies ever since i know that the wern't real lol. Iv'e been learning many tips and techniques im planing a feature film this moment in time im hoping it will be done within the next 4 years. the problem is money since i dont have any proper income. but im slowly working through that knock back rakeing together any and all money possible. i will be completing this project no matter what and im hoping that it will turn out good for the amount of effort im putting into it. even if it dosn't turn out good (which i hope it wont) at least i can say iv'e made a film.
Posted: Wed, 4th Apr 2007, 8:41pm

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how i got into film making well when i was about 10 years old and saw everyone useing the 8mm cams i was thinking about doing
movies and not family stuff

i got into horror makeup and making horror masks have been doing that going on 8 years and have been doing digtal fxs for about 5 years
and got into green screen work too and making my own props too , now and got into
filming my own things the way i want to , and editing
and moving to bend oregon lost my last crew that part
i miss , now i am trying to find a new crew in bend oregon
cant find anyone
it funny i got all kinds of fxs and 3d stuff and no friends
moving is the pits fun at first but later .........kind of loney
there is light at the end ....still have hope
if anyone is in bend oregon and wants to do films and horror fxs
email me thanks fx home software rocks thats my number one software i use ....yea thats what made me push everything
and keep going
thanks for reading
Posted: Thu, 5th Apr 2007, 1:33am

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I've always been into making movies since I can remember. What got me serious about making films and trying to make a career out of it is the Mexico Trilogy (El Mariachi, Desperado, Once Upon A Time In Mexico).
Posted: Thu, 5th Apr 2007, 1:46am

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I remember like it was yesterday. My friend found about fxhome and he invited me over and we made a little gun fight ( it was actually pretty cool). Ever since that its been my dream to become a director. I owe pretty much everything about filmmaking to FXhome. If it werent for you I would have never started filmmaking and my passion wouldnt be filmmaking. THANK YOU SO MUCH FXHOME.
Posted: Thu, 5th Apr 2007, 1:45pm

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Orin Warren

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How this is something I never thought about before. I guess it started when I took my first theater class in sixth grade. that's when I found my love to act and be someone who wasn't me. At this time I already started to write stories about the unknow and what if's. But as the years gone by, my writing skills improved and my acting as I entered my 10th year of school. Here I took a class called video tech. Here I learn all the alsome things I could do to make a short movie. In this class I learned that my editing skills were a skill I had stuck in my brain. So I deidce to save up the money to buy a camrea which never did happen, because my parents got me one on my 18th brithday.
Posted: Thu, 5th Apr 2007, 3:50pm

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Well, a while ago back when I used to be homeschooled, and there was this other kid (let's call him Kyle) in our homeschooling group who liked to make movies. I'm not sure how he got into making movies, but he started a movie group on the fourth of july and called it "fireworks productions." All the other kids in the group (including Jabooza) joined it.

Our first movie was a parody of the crocodile hunter, with us all talking in fake australian accents and wrangling with giant stuffed animals. The sound effects were put in by playing cds we burned on a stereo hidden behind the camera. It was edited on a vcr. I wrote the script for a movie called Z1 about an evil cyborg who kills the scientist who created him. We filmed it, but I don't think it has been edited to this day.

But Jabooza and I didn't like really like fireworks productions. Kyle was somewhat of a controll freak, and liked to keep everything secret from all but his most trusted actors. When he discovered the magical world of computer editing, he guarded it like it was the plans to the death star.

So a few years ago, Jabooza and I quit, and other people from fireworks productions called us traitors. Jabooza and Clawgabooza started NP studios, a rival 'company', and 'hired' me shortly afterward. Now, while Kyle is working on his Star Wars fanfilm (to be edited with LSmaker), NP collectively owns three copies of effectslab and a copy of final cut express, and are working on preproduction of a movie that is going to blow away ALL OF FXHOME! MUHAHAHAH! Well it should be pretty cool anyway.

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Well I don't think we're actually going to affect 'Fireworks' at all anymore since they lack the Discipline to even make that Star Wars fanfilm.

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Posted: Thu, 5th Apr 2007, 4:03pm

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What's diesoline?
Posted: Thu, 5th Apr 2007, 4:20pm

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Darth Penguin wrote:

What's diesoline?
I have no clue. smile

Stupid Microsoft Word spell check. disgust
Posted: Thu, 5th Apr 2007, 6:12pm

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My 1st venture into film making was on the old Atari ST, we had a painting program which could do aimation. I made a small (very basic) cartoon revolving around a monster destroying a city and eating what was essentially stick men. Moving on from there I started writing scripts (i wasn't even 10 by this point). I kinda gave up on this idea when I went to secondary school and any of this "artsy" kind of stuff was seriously frowned upon.

Since then I took an acting course with a local theatre group, and got back into writing, writing 2 plays, both of which were performed and one of which was entered into a theatre festival, and 1 short film which i also starred in. Now I'm getting a bit more involved and will be directing my 1st horror short which should be completed later in the year.
Posted: Thu, 5th Apr 2007, 6:13pm

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It's Sollthars fault I make films.

Blame him. cool
Posted: Sun, 8th Apr 2007, 12:24am

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I started making films when I was about six. I made them with my older sister and younger brother. We had a lot of fun making them. We did not edit them at all. We made our effects on set. Then as I grew older I found out about Windows Movie Maker and I started creating slide shows. Then I found out how to import video, and so on and so forth. Until I got where I am today. Making videos with Scripts, Digital FX, Props, etc.

Anways I had fun making them when I was younger and I have fun making them now. But they are two different kinds of fun.