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Frequently asked questions: Fxhome FAQ Read first!

Posted: Sat, 10th Jun 2006, 9:21pm

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film freak

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The FXhome Forum FAQ

How do I change my screen name?

Up at the top of the screen is your screen name. Next to it is an options button, click this. On the left side is a list of links, click the one that says change username. But remember, after changing your screen name, you must pay 50 force points to change it again.

How do I get one of those pictures at the bottom of my post?

This is a signature. You can create one of these with plenty of software. The right size is about 250x400 pixels. To put one in your posts, go to options again. This time click on forum options. At the bottom is the signature box. You put it here. To do this, you have to upload it to the internet. Once it's there, you put this in the signature box:
Make sure to put [img] before the link, and [/img] at the end. And put the name of the file in place of the "yoursignature" in the example, and the URL in place of "yourwebsite", and the same thing for "pictureformat".

What is BBCode?

BBCode is the form of code used on fxhome. When posting, go to Smileys/BBCode and click on help at the top for a guide on how to use BBCode. Also, if you want to change the size or color, click on the buttons next to the Emoticons. As a quick reference:
Clicking the quote button will create code to quote another user. This way, at the top of your post, it will say, "This user" wrote: Then what they said, and your post below that. Clicking the b will make a "bold" code, so your text will look like this instead of this. To do this, put [bb] at the start of your "bold" text, only remove the second b, and at the end, you put [/bb] only remove the second b, so it goes, line, slash, b, line. And pressing the i button will italicize the text. Use the same code as the bold code, only replacing the i and b.

How do I get the microsoft and mac icons next to my posts?

Again, go up to options. Click forum options. Under miscellaneous preferences, click the window users icon and macOS users icon boxes and click submit at the bottom. Note this is to show what type of computer you use, so putting a mac icon up if you are a windows user would not make any sense.

What about the other icons?

These stand for various things, click here to find out how to obtain these.

What are those pictures next to my post for?

This is an avatar. They can be up to 80x80 pixels. For every ten force you receive, you can make your avatar 1 pixel larger. But it does not round out, so you can't have uneven numbers and expect to be able to create a bigger one. So to have the largest avatar, you must have 800 force, after that, your avatar can not grow bigger than 80x80 pixels. To change your avatar, or if you need with formatting it, go to options, and click on change avatar.

How do I change my password?

In options, click on change password. You must confirm your old password, your new password, and your e-mail address. Then fxhome will send a new password to you.

What is my force diary?

This is a list of times you have revieved or given force in the past month. You receive force for your positive ratings in the forums on Sunday at the end of each week. For more on force and post ratings, click here.

My post is gone. Where is it?

Your post has been deleted. If this happens, it is usually because your post was thought of as offensive or pointless. To learn about restriced disscussion, click here.

For any questions about the fxhome products, go here and click on the help forum for that particular product.

Here's a list of some helpful threads in the forums:


The guide to force and forum icons

Restriced disscussion subject matter

The forum guide

The ultimate FAQ 5

Sollthar's filmmaking guide

The ultimate list of free software!

Fxhome news forum


READ ME FIRST: Frequantly asked questions about effectslab

Clean reinstall instructions for effectslab

UTILITY: MOVCreator 1.1-image stream conversion (effectslab help)

Effectslab Tutorials

Video tutorials listing - NEW!

UTILITY : Preset Manager for Windows

TUTORIAL : Stock footage


Read first: common questions and download instructions

TUTORIAL: Compositing: setting up a greenscreen


TUTORIAL : Sin City style effect

Video tutorials listing - NEW!

TUTORIAL - Cutting off limbs

TUTORIAL: Force jump

TUTORIAL: Vertical lines

TUTORIAL: Shockwave and force push

Visionlab HD

TUTORIAL: ILM Quality Lightsabers

TUTORIAL: Grading Concepts

Video tutorials listing - NEW!

TUTORIAL: Creating particle textures from photographs

I hope this is of use to everyone. razz

Film freak

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Posted: Sun, 11th Jun 2006, 4:37pm

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film freak

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The FXhome Forum FAQ

I need help with the online store.

Click here. This is the store FAQ. If you have any doubts about it, they can probably be answered here. Here are the names of the products, their price, and a link to the product on fxhome, product availibility is in the product information:

FXhome Clothing

FXhome boxers $12.99 USD

FXhome baseball jersey $16.99 USD

FXhome value T-shirt $8.99 USD

Black FXhome LOGO T-shirt $18.99 USD

FXhome hooded sweatshirt $24.99 USD

FXhome BBQ apron $14.99 USD

Other Merchandise

FXhome mousepad $10.99 USD

FXhome coffee mug (large) $11.99 USD

FXhome coffee mug $10.99 USD

FXhome car bumper sticker $2.99 USD

FXhome wall clock $10.99 USD

Black FXhome cap (hat) $13.99 USD

Software (Not availble in store)

Effectslab Lite £ 64.99 ($111.78 USD*)

Effectslab Pro £ 89.99 ($154.78 USD*)

Compositelab Lite £ 64.99 ($111.78 USD*)

Compositelab Pro £ 89.99 ($154.78 USD*)

Visionlab Studio £ 299.99 ($515.98 USD*)

*=This is an approximate value. Since currency conversions are always changing, you may end up paying more or less than this number.
Posted: Sun, 11th Jun 2006, 5:31pm

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film freak

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The FXhome Forum FAQ

What does that red lock mean?

This means that the thread has been locked. If it is locked, you cannot edit, post, delete, or quote messages in this thread. If it's locked, this means the moderators thought it should be closed. Most likely it is someone being a nuisance, a question that has been posted too often, or a thread that has gotten out of hand, for example, too many spam posts, or trash-talking to other users. If it is a question posted too often, some with the ability to lock threads, will answer it, and then lock the thread. Either this or the thread will be locked right away.

How do I change my e-mail address?

Go to options, and click change e-mail address. You must give your password, and your new e-mail address, so make sure you can remember your password.

How do I activate my product?

In options, there is a link marked product activation. After you get your serial code from fxhome, (you will get it by e-mail if you purchase a product) You enter that code exactly, and your name.

What is force transfer for?

This is to send force to other users. For example, you might send someone some force for helping you out. You can also receive force from other users with force transfer. If you want to see if you have received any force from members in the last month, check your force diary.

Who is part of the fxhome team?

This is the FXhome team. Tarn, Malone, Schwar, JackPot, and Cogz. All paid employees of CSB-Digital.

Who are super users?

These people are users who have made very large contributions to the community, and are very experienced. Some of the super users are Wizard, Hendo, and Hybrid-Halo. Most of the fxhome team members as well are super users. Most super users and fxhome team members can delete posts.

What's a sticky?

A sticky is a thread the fxhome team has found as very helpful. For example, Arktic's Ultimate filmmaker's FAQ 5. Sticky's can be made by anyone, but they are not automatically one.

How do I put movies on fxhome?

First off, you must be a gold user to post movies. To post them, they must first be hosted on the internet. Next, go to my movies, it's a tab at the top of the screen you will see when you enter the cinema. From here, click add new movie. Fill out the requirments, and read the agreement at the bottom, then click Agree.

I hope this has been helpful to everyone.razz

Film freak