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FXhome Community Round-Up #3

Posted: Thu, 15th Jun 2006, 12:44pm

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Simon K Jones

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2006 continues to whip by at an alarming pace, bringing with it all the excitement, scandal and intrigue that is to be expected here at The big news, of course, was the massive 1.1.0 update that introduced a whole load of new features – make sure you download the free update if you haven’t already.

The Latest Blockbusters

Another busy couple of months has seen many new entries to the cinema and a constantly fluctuating Top Ten. Two movies in particular have caught our eye, so we thought we’d take a closer look in this round-up…

Between the Lines – Most regulars will already have heard of Tinyworld’s forthcoming short film Behind the Lines. What we have here is not the finished product by any means, instead being an extended montage of b-roll footage that didn’t make the final cut. Graded and shot with a period authenticity, Between the Lines is visually impressive with remarkable production values and a melancholic, subdued mood. If this is what the cut footage looks like, we can’t wait to see the real thing!

Word and Deed – This is a rare beast indeed at a serious documentary! De-Evolution Studios are better known for slapstick comedy than historical analysis but Word and Deed: Ronald Reagan’s Stand Against Communism shows a hitherto unseen maturity from the young filmmakers. While some will no doubt disagree with the documentary’s political views, there’s no denying its taut editing and effective commentary. Measured use of archival footage and fresh interviews conveys a lot of information in an entertaining and informative style.

Eye on the Forum

Discussion recently seems to have focused almost entirely on future movies, particularly those of the blockbuster kind. If you’ve got an opinion, there’s no better time to join in than right now!

X-Men 3: The Last Stand – Apparently the final chapter in the mutant saga, X3 has split audiences right down the middle. Some think it’s a travesty while others seem to consider it the best of the trilogy. While we like to remain impartial in such things, it should be noted that those of the latter opinion are clearly misguided individuals that need to seek help. Whose side are you on?

Superman Returns – Next up on the superhero slate is the rebirth of the original man in tights, helmed by none other than Bryan Singer. Having abandoned Professor X’s mutants, Singer has huge expectations to live up to – both from Superman fans and from X-Men veterans wondering why he couldn’t have stuck around for just one more film (not that we’re bitter). Everyone can make their minds up at the end of the month, when Superman Returns is released around the world.

Transformers are ALIVE – This thread needs to be noted for two special reasons: Firstly, it makes use of a Brian Blessed quote. Secondly, it’s about The Transformers. As can be clearly seen in the topic, some of us here at FXhome are rather large Transformers fans, stemming from our wayward childhoods. A live action Transformers movie has been in development for years but it seems to actually be happening this time – and judging from a snapshot of the response, it’s going to have to be more than meets the eye to convince both the heroic fans and the evil cynics!

Visit to the FXpreset Library

When we incorporated the FXpreset system into the new FXhome product range at the end of last year, none of us knew how the community would react. To our pleasure it’s been very successful, with nearly 450 presets now available free to FXhome users.

Redhawksrymmer is the latest FXhomer to become a preset master, proving his skills with a huge number of high quality submissions. Here are a couple of our favourites:

Trench War – A deep, sombre golden-brown envelops your movie when you use this preset. Reminiscent of claustrophobic war movies, this infuses every shot with an authentic sense of being down in the trenches with the troops.

Sin City Comic – Taking its cues from Frank Miller’s celebrated and charismatic Sin City artwork, this preset attempts to reduce your footage to a harsh, noirish sketch style. Combined with suitable footage, this is capable of creating very distinctive visuals with strong shadows and clearly defined shapes. Looking forward to seeing this one in action.

Da Vinci Dreams – Based on the dream sequences in The Da Vinci Code, this crafts a soft blue tone that would be perfect for fantasy and scifi sequences. It also reminds us of Minority Report’s grading style, albeit less harsh and overexposed. Subtle and effective use of unusual filters.


We've a few other goodies to mention before wrapping this Round-Up. So, for those that may have missed these unmissables...

FXhome corner banners - If you've ever wanted to declare your FXhome allegiance on your favourite websites, now's your chance! Xcession has created some handy code that slaps an FXhome banner into the corner of the screen.

New film from AJPictures! - Beta tester, chick magnet and creator of fine art, Andreas dropped by to let us know that his new movie is now available in the cinema. Continuing his passion for relationship drama and character interaction, Amnesia is well worth a watch. FXhome group - It's also been brought to our attention that there's a FXhome group. is a rather nifty website which logs all the music you listen to, provides free music streaming of its own and recommends other music based on your listening habits. Go see what everyone at FXhome is listening to!

Sollthar bares all! - Showing that he truly has no shame, Sollthar recently announced that he has finally achieved a lifelong ambition - to appear on a nude celebrity website. Read all about the rather amusing scandal in the original thread.

That’s all we’ve got time for this time round – there’s lots of exciting things coming to in the next few months, though, so keep your eyes peeled!

Posted: Thu, 15th Jun 2006, 1:04pm

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These round-ups rock! biggrin
Posted: Thu, 15th Jun 2006, 1:34pm

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Awsome! I love these round-ups! biggrin Lots of interesting stuff this month...

Posted: Thu, 15th Jun 2006, 3:30pm

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Woah i'm mentioned in an actual news post.

Thanks Tarn!
Posted: Thu, 15th Jun 2006, 7:06pm

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Community Round Ups RULE!! biggrin
Posted: Thu, 15th Jun 2006, 8:19pm

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Yet another great round-up! keep them coming tarn!
Posted: Sat, 17th Jun 2006, 7:02pm

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Ahhh...roundups. Something about them, I like very much.
Posted: Thu, 29th Jun 2006, 2:29am

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Coureur de Bois

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Great job as usual gentlemen cool
Posted: Thu, 29th Jun 2006, 2:33am

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Incriminating post!!! Aaeiuhglfkdnvltrgo3~!!!!

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Posted: Thu, 29th Jun 2006, 2:39am

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Only films that have been made in over 25 hours are allowed in the round-up.

Doesn't that just grind your gears...
Posted: Thu, 29th Jun 2006, 4:16pm

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It was a joke, y'alls. Hence the smileys.