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Composite Lab compared to Chromanator

Posted: Mon, 3rd Jul 2006, 5:30pm

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I just want to know how much better Composite Lab is compared to Chromanator. Since Chromanator still is working out very well for me, how much more of an improvement is it compared to CL?

Improvements such as-



-Color Keying(big one)

Thanks for all your help smile
Posted: Mon, 3rd Jul 2006, 7:57pm

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There is quite a large difference in all of the areas you have mentioned, however, how large a difference depends on what version you would be upgrading to. Something worth mentioning before all else is the fact that you will be working with a much more stable program, with either of the new programs, pro or lite.

The more current the program, the more current the support; problems have been addressed with the new programs that have simply not been touched on with Chromanator. I would say being less likely to experience an unexpected string error while you are half way through a project is definitely worth being noted.

On to specifics, there are quite a few improvements; most likely more than I could list to you at the moment, but I will try. For instance, you would find that your work flow would be faster, which is always a plus. With the improvements made to the interface, navigation is much more straightforward, and undemanding.

For example, with Chromanator, you must switch from "Project" to "Object" mode in order to animate, key, or grade, then have to switch back to project, and then wait for it to temp render every frame before you can move onto the next object onto your time line. This, what could be seen as cumbersome, process is eliminated in CompositeLab, making it easier to alter multiple objects on your time line quickly.

As a result of this improvement, you will find that any task you wish attempt is more efficient. For instance, if you have completed a complicated masking sequence in Chromanator, and have switched back to project mode, only to find that the mask has not affected the footage exactly how you thought it would.

You must then switch back to object mode, make your changes, then temp render the entire project once again, and hope the changes you have made suffice. This can become very time consuming, and frustrating to some. When using a mask or garbage matte in CompositeLab, you can view the effect it is having on the object right away, instead of needing to switch back to project mode.

Many additions have been made to the grading filters since Chromanator. In an attempt to save forum space I will not list everything I am aware of. In CompositeLab Pro you will have new features such as the displacement map ability, and the object mask, which, as Tarn put it, allows you to take the alpha channel (transparency) of one object and apply it to another (making text look as if it is made of fire is a good example of how this could be used).

As you can see, there are quite a few differences, and if you could believe it, I am being a little vague. There are more differences to be said yet, and most likely, more on the way. The best recommendation I can make would be to try the demo, and compare the two. It has been some time since I have used Chromanator, so the differences may be more evident to you right away.

If you decide to stick with Chromanator, it is still a great piece of software, and can get the job done. As always with FXhome products, you can't go wrong, but I believe the upgrade is well worth it.

Happy compositing.
Posted: Mon, 3rd Jul 2006, 10:04pm

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Thanks a million Wizard! smile
Posted: Mon, 3rd Jul 2006, 10:15pm

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One thing that really bugged me about Chromanator was that you could not save while masking something, but you now can in CompositeLab, that was a large problem becouse of Chromanator was not very stable.