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Black Dark Smoke preset help

Posted: Thu, 6th Jul 2006, 3:48am

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This isn't really a request for a new preset, just some help with an existing one.

I'm using the dark black smoke preset in EffectsLab Pro, and I'm getting good results, except for a few things I'd like to fix. Insead of having the tail follow it I want the entire stream of smoke to just fade away, similar to how a planes smoke? trail fades. Also, how could I make just the tail fade as well?

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Posted: Mon, 10th Jul 2006, 8:33am

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How are you prgressing with this?

I had a thought, which my or may not help. I think the particle movement might be set to 'Relative to Canvas', try changing it to 'Relative to Animation' and that may help...