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Massive Explosion

Posted: Wed, 12th Jul 2006, 3:50pm

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King of Blades

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I am in need of a huge explosion to the degree of the explosion on Helm's Deep on Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Though I know that no one can make something as big as that unless it was real, but if someone could make a higher grade explosion of the "grenade explosion", that could help me tons (I know, I don't have EL or CL yet; I'm still trying to save up).
Posted: Thu, 13th Jul 2006, 3:25am

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look through all the free stuff... there is like 7 pages of explosions and stuff. Download the one that looks the best and import it into effects/composite LAB. Set the tranfer mode to "screen" or "add" and scale it up.
Posted: Wed, 9th Aug 2006, 8:33pm

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and yes for the helms deep explosion i think they blew up a miniature wall.
Posted: Wed, 9th Aug 2006, 8:39pm

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Artbeats has some good stuff. Expensive as hell though.
Posted: Tue, 29th Aug 2006, 12:29am

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Don't remember the Helm's Deep explosion, but maybe you could use some detonation films stuff?
Posted: Thu, 31st Aug 2006, 6:23pm

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the Fiddler

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I'd like a preset for a great explosion too. Though I'm looking for something more like the truck that blows up in Raiders of the Lost Ark. A big round fireball that is relatively slow and kinda boils outward in spots.

I've looked at the Detonation Films stuff, and I'd love to use some of it. But I just don't have the money right now to buy CompositeLab Pro. I'm about to buy EffectsLab Pro, but as I understand it, it only does masks on effects it has created. So I would need CompositeLab Pro to use DetonationFilms stuff, and I just don't think I can afford it right now. I would love to get it too, but unless someone unexpectedly makes a donation to my current film project, it ain't gonna happen. So a preset for EffectsLab would allow me to still do my explosion, but without need for advanced compositing.

Nevermind. With the deal they've got going, I just bought both Pro programs... now I've just got to learn how to use them. Then I'll probably combine Detonationfilms stuff to create my own in CompositeLab.