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Help with creating blood spurt [ANSWER]

Posted: Sun, 23rd Jul 2006, 3:06am

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I am ramming an actors head into a turnbuckle and I would like a blood spurt..but I cannot figure how to position the alamdv you just clicked and drugged the blood spurt in position but with this...would really appreciate some advice and can supply pic if needed.

Thank you very much.
Posted: Sun, 23rd Jul 2006, 5:40am

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i don't really know how to do this digitally but i do know if you use a fake head and put in red liquid then you can do it like that it is messy though.

Posted: Sun, 23rd Jul 2006, 9:33pm

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You can use Alam DV effects, you just need to turn them into stock footage first.

There is a link about creating stock footage at the top of either this or the Comp Lab forum (sorry have had long day and can't be bothered to find it and create a link for you!). Once you have the stock footage you can just use it as with Alam DV.
Posted: Tue, 25th Jul 2006, 8:22am

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Here ya go, this is the stock footage tutorial: