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New Set of "Production Forums"

Do you think that a new "Production Forum" could benefit the FXhome Community

Yes30%[ 3 ]
Maybe40%[ 4 ]
No30%[ 3 ]

Total Votes : 10

Posted: Sun, 23rd Jul 2006, 11:21pm

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As this is also a website about making and showing films maybe there should be a new set of forums for help on the actual production side as a more indept forum then the current Filmmaker's Forum. for instance Members could easily review new equipment or share techniques such as home made equipment under certain topics instead of all in 1 forum where it could be hard to find what your looking. heres a lil mock of what it could look like biggrin

Production Forums
Camera's & Equipment
Reviews of New cameras, Questions on camera equipment, steadicams, dollys, cranes.

Techniques used in Cinamatography

Questions on how to set up lighting and different techniques

How to Record sound effects, dialog. sound questions

Questions on DVD, Compression for Web Streaming.

just an example of what could be on there. If you feel this is a good idea post a comment and vote on the poll
Posted: Mon, 24th Jul 2006, 8:24am

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That's an interesting idea. Personally I like to keep things in one place where possible. I've seen lots of sites where they split up forums into many different sections, but they tend to only have a few posts in each forum. It also makes it a lot more difficult to navigate.

If there was a specific sub-topic that was dominating the film forum then it'd make sense to split it into its own forum, but I don't think that's really happening at the moment. Of course, the forum is for the members, so if there was significant demand it's certainly something we'd consider.
Posted: Mon, 24th Jul 2006, 11:08am

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yeh i know what you mean and ive seen it aswell, but with 7,417 topics and 72,001 post it seems to be the most popular out of the forums and trying to find stuff or search for stuff in that will create hundreds of results and it would be so much easier if you could just search Best Camera in the Camera Forum.

i would like hear what more people think about it or have there own suggestions and see whats votes appear in the comin days. thnks for the response biggrin