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v for vendetta "dagger time" trail

Posted: Wed, 26th Jul 2006, 4:41am

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something to look of this nature >>
Posted: Wed, 26th Jul 2006, 5:49am

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That, my friend, is a 3d effect. Which does look pretty cool. The shape of the trail however, varies based on the shape and angle of the blade in 3d space, so it can't be done properly in EffectsLab.

The closest you could come is to create a particle emitter using textures that would get you an effect looking similar, then keyframe the emitter to follow your blade, and make sure that the particles are set to Free From Origin, Keep the speed at minimum, and the lifetime long, and it should just hang in the air where they are emitted. I might give it a shot when I have some time. But it won't be immediately.
Posted: Wed, 26th Jul 2006, 4:50pm

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no, like I just wanted the dagger to be thrown and have those trails be behind a spinning dagger, so it could actually be done in 2D
Posted: Wed, 26th Jul 2006, 8:08pm

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No reading for you I see...
Posted: Thu, 27th Jul 2006, 3:04am

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Although it was done in 3D you can also acheive the effect using 2D images.

This was already talked about and Exclamation had come up with a solution:
Okay; here is a zip file which contains image-streams. One set is just the spiraling knife, the other has the trail.

You'll have to use a composition software for this I assume, unless your editing software is really advanced. I would suggest Composite Lab (for obvious reasons). Put the knife layer on top of the trail layer, and set the trail layer's transparency mode to "Screen". I made it so wide so that you can either have the camera moving or not; then you can move it around and change the size. Make sure that all the key-frames you apply to the knife layer you apply to the trail layer.

(Told you I wasn't good at tutorials!!)

I could make a few variations if anyone needs them.

EDIT - I made the variation I thought would be most requested to save time and for ease. You can get that here.
Origional Topic:

Anyways, hope this helps. By the way this topic was started a while ago and I'm not sure if Exclamation has taken down the files. If so, tell me and I will email them to you or somthing.

EDIT: ooops never noticed you were the one that started that topic! SORRY!! I'll leave that still here though, maybe others that never seen it will find it useful!
Posted: Thu, 27th Jul 2006, 3:14am

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I like the fact that you are asking someone to do a lot of work and you can't even use it. You need to own the software to really use the presets at all.
Posted: Thu, 27th Jul 2006, 7:16pm

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Well if I cant get that effect with elab then I have no use of it,

I was just thinking that you could take the particle engine that Exclamation used and put it in a plug in sort of thing but if not thanks for the help anyways