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Star Wars: the Fate of the Sith

Posted: Thu, 27th Jul 2006, 9:06am

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As the constant war between good and evil continues, Evils has come to its last stand. The followers of the Dark side have slowly been reduced over the years, except for one rogue Jedi, Darth-Corahal.

Although catching Corahal has been placed into top priority within the Jedi counsel, still no trace of this rebel has been found, and no means of completely eliminating the dark force have been foreseen, until now...

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Posted: Fri, 28th Jul 2006, 2:03am

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If this is a serious project, you have to do more audio-mixing...
The very first two seconds after the nightmaresequance, one can clearly hear cameranoise...

I couldn't watch more than 20 seconds, so that's all i can tell ya.
Posted: Fri, 28th Jul 2006, 3:10am

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Not too shabby. Like Defeto said, more audio-mixing is needed.

And as for the made me a little dizzy. But the rest was good!

Good rotoscoping and use of effects, pretty good story.

3/5 stars smile
Posted: Fri, 28th Jul 2006, 7:29am

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Just a tip,
Try acting out the lightsaber battle nice and slow, but fancy, and speed it up so that your actors look like master swordsmen.
not bad!
Posted: Fri, 28th Jul 2006, 11:02am

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Overall the story had potential if u take into account those other comment especially Vito's about the lightsaber battles it will improve it greatly.

also depending on how serious your film was it might of been an idea to wear more "Jedi" clothes, as costumes help to set the scene a great deal.

liked the jumping on to the tree worked really well, i assume that he jumped of it and the frames were reversed in postpro?

keep up the gd work biggrin
Posted: Fri, 28th Jul 2006, 11:07am

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Simon K Jones

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There's a lot of skill and potential displayed in this movie.

As a piece of Star Wars it suffers from the lack of costumes and locations, of course, but in other respects it's really quite solid. Some well executed and innovative effects and decent camerawork made for a very watchable little fanfilm - and seeing how many I've had to sit through over the years, that's saying something!

Based on this I'm looking forward to whatever you do next - though I'd suggest moving away from Star Wars and shooting something that you can pull off more convincingly, with regard to locations/props/costumes etc.
Posted: Fri, 28th Jul 2006, 12:25pm

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Ok, here we go. biggrin

Since I was one of the people who commented on your film when you posted about it initially in the other forum with the survey, I simply had to watch it again. Glad I did.

First of all, you fixed the sound. Excellent. As I mentioned previously, on the first edition, I couldn't make out any of the dialogue at all, and without that I had no way of knowing why things were going on and it made no sense. I had been leaning towards a pretty harsh rating of this film, but by recutting the audio so I could follow the story, you made a huge leap forward. While your plot may have been a *bit* on the thin side as far as depth of story goes, I thought it fit well into the genre and should capture a true fan's interest. Not too shabby at all.

Being, at its core, a Star Wars Universe fanfilm, these things have to rely heavily on their SFX, so that's one area where we'll have to judge your work. Personally, I think it was very solid. As some others have pointed out, your light saber battles might benefit from a little polish, but I thought most of them were carried off quite well enough by the actors and the SFX for the sabers was well done. The jump into the tree and the force push moves were nice touches also.

The camera work, particularly in the forest, was a bit shakey for my taste, but still ok for this sort of action film. You might consider a bit less motion, jumpy shots and a few more long pan/zoom shots for the characters moving around the forest, though.

The one area I can't get away from is the lack of immersion because of the costuming and some of the indoor sets. I know that in the previous thread I was taken to task by some of the die-hard Jedi fanboys for this, but I can't see Jedi running around in dockers and a casual cardigan. Also, in the bedroom scene where the apprentice is waking up the master, it really just looks like some guy's bedroom in the present day and age. (Though the shot in the interrogation cell was very good. Kudos on that.) I know that when we amateur low/no-budget creators emark on a project we can be severely limited in what sort of costuming and scenery we manage, but if you take it upon yourself to make a Star Wars based film, that becomes part of the burden. It just didn't work for me. If I decide to do a sci-fi film and say that it's taking place on Mars, I'm at least going to have to make the effort to go film it in a place that looks *sort of* like a desert or something. If I film it in a park full of grass, trees and a river, and have actors dressed in tie-dye t-shirts and Levis rather than space suits or something, I'm going to take some flack for it.

Had you not fixed the sound, you were in danger of getting a rating of 1 star or something, but with the fix and the subsequent improvement in my ability to follow the story line, I bump it up to a nice, even three. Like Tarn, I think it shows a lot of potential and solid filmmaking work. I also hope that you have some future projects that are not fan-film based, giving you more control over the environment and world you choose to set your story in. Nice job.
Posted: Fri, 28th Jul 2006, 1:25pm

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Well, much of the stuff I was going to mention in my review of this has already been covered, so I won't go into depth about the costumes and sets etc.

The introduction was an interesting style, though I felt it used a few too many effects and some odd camerawork, which made it look a little too amateurish for my taste.

One of the major problems with this was the lack of continuity in the editing - there were lots and lots of times where you crossed the line. Though this worked in the context of the room filled with smoke, where it had the effect of disorienting the viewer, in the earlier 'interview' sequence, it was just jarring and distracting. This was also the case for some of the cuts in the forrest sections.

The fighting also looked a little lacklustre - though the coreography was ok, there wasn't enough speed or the impression of any power in a lot of the moves, so it suffered from the fanfilm affliction known as 'banging sticks'. For a great tutorial on how to stage lightsaber fights, check this out : Lightsaber 101.

One thing about the saber fighting though - I loved the look of the sabers. They were bright, colourful, and just looked great against the forest background. They reminded me very much of the look of the sabers from ROTJ. Some people probably didn't like them, but I thought they looked fantastic.

Another thing that I thought was very well done was the 'force jump' - I could tell straight away that it had been reversed, but it looked really cool, a very interesting idea. It could have done with a little tighter edit, just to sell the effect, and maybe a re-take, as it looks like some debris from the branch falls 'upwards', if you know what I mean. But other than that, it really made me smile.

The acting was pretty poor, imho - there was a range of quality, some of it was passable, but some of it was very bad. I think maybe you needed more rehersals and read-throughs to really get into character.

On which note, some of the dialogue could really use some work - "Did you sense that? Good.... keep walking" really stood out as being out of character for a Jedi. It sounded more like something a stormtrooper might say. It just didn't sit right for me. Lines like that should have been tightened up and polished.

Some of the effects were really well done - I really liked the touch of the spark hits on the tree branches, though some of them were integrated a lot better than others. The final head cutting effect also looked a bit fake, I think you'd have been better off with a combination of digital and live action effects for that, as it just didn't work the way I think you wanted it to.

Also, the final minus point was the 'twist' at the end of the film. I felt he killed his fellow jedi/padawan too easily - if that situation had come up in one of the official movies, then not only would he have contronted him and tried to pull him away from the dark side, the other jedi would probably have put up a bit more of a fight than he did.

Overall though, I know how difficult it is to make a full 10 minute fanfilm that keeps the audience's interest, especially a star wars one. So, in all, great work, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else you and your team come up with.

A solid 3/5 from me - well done smile

Posted: Fri, 28th Jul 2006, 1:54pm

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"...except for one rouge Jedi..."

Rouge? Like Moulin Rouge? I'm guessing you meant "Rogue".

Joking aside ,this had its highs and lows. The highs were seriously impressive. The lows were weak. The major high was the force jump. That looked brilliant. I also thought the head cutting off was very well done, even if it wasn't perfect. The major low was pretty much the rest of the cinematography.

And somewhere in the middle...
- the fight choreography, which was ponderously slow and looked fake as a result
- the acting, which was probably only saved by an ok script.
- the costumes (or lack thereof) already covered by everyone else
- the sets (or lack thereof): did you really think your bedroom looked the part?
- the wholely unnecessary effects bonanza right at the beginning.
- the betrayal stabbing by the master: that actually looked surprisingly ok.

I'm going to second Tarn's feeling that, despite its flaws, you show potential. I look forward to your next film.
Posted: Sun, 30th Jul 2006, 4:00am

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Im about to check this out but I can say that the poster is really slick man. I'm likin it.
Posted: Sun, 30th Jul 2006, 7:53am

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CX3 wrote:

Im about to check this out but I can say that the poster is really slick man. I'm likin it.
Same here, downloading it now...
Posted: Mon, 31st Jul 2006, 11:56pm

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what program did you use to do the force push effect

movie was good 3/5
Posted: Tue, 1st Aug 2006, 12:49am

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I was quite impressed, as well as glad that someone else does StarWars films without proper costumes (see my Blazing Sabers II trailer.) Your effects were well done, I liked the lightsaber style particularly. Great work.
Posted: Tue, 1st Aug 2006, 7:42pm

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I thank you all very much for your reviews. I just got back from a vacation and the whole time I was worried I would get back and my movie would be rated 1 or something, to my surprise I get back and it’s rated a descent three.

The truth about the movie is it was a school movie filmed in 3 days and edited in 3 days you can read more on about it in my making of the movie . So as a result of having a tight schedule there was no actual script, just more of some guidelines. As usual my actors and especially my acting sucks. I don’t know many people that can actually act around here, so for now I will have to make my movies good with plot and effects not acting (I hope I can soon get this to change)

The first part that you all mention is suppose to be a dream (Incase you all didn’t catch that) it is suppose to be confusing and miss leading and then at the end the dream is explained as being a vision of what happens.

The last part as you all have mentioned, I agree, I also wish was longer. I hate it how the Jedi turns and dies but as usual when on a deadline we ran out of time. Also the room scene was a last minute shot which I also whish I could have found a more star wars like room, but time wouldn’t allow it.

Some of you mentioned the shakiness of the camera this was intentional. I was going for a "Bourne identity" free hand filmed look to add to the action and try and make the movie seem faster passed. Mentioning pace of things the light saber battles were slightly rehearsed (as much as we could in the allotted time) and I didn’t want to speed them up in post because I think that is cheap and always looks bad. So I tried to make them as fast as we could through our acting. But I do agree the battles lack allot of speed.

Xcession as you may notice in my “plot summary” on the site, Rogue is spelt correctly, but on the movie it is not. This reason is because after I noticed the misspelled word my computer crashed and I lost all my editable files so that can not be changed, but I wish it could.

I know there are more things I am missing to address but I cant think of it now, thank u all for your reviews and I appreciate the time u took to watch my film. And yes I do have more movies coming and this will probably be my last and only fanfilm (at least of the Star Wars genre, I personally am not a big fan of star wars fanfilms, but in my review I address why this film is of the Star Wars type. So check out my making of the movie . Thank u all again and please continue to critique me.

PS: 1 dollar budget, I used CompositeLabs for the force push, i just used the ripple effect and masked it, Oeyvind wrote a tut on it called Shockwave and Force Push (hope that helps, the sound was from the game Fable)
Posted: Fri, 4th Aug 2006, 2:04am

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I'm quite impressed that the one kid actually jumped out of that tree. It looked pretty darn high.
Posted: Tue, 8th Aug 2006, 6:59am

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This movie was exceptionally well done, especially for how many days you had. All of these people saying that the costumes were off and such, aren't being realistic. With no budget and no time to make costumes you improvised which is what home movies are all about. The fighting sequences were nicely done, I know how hard they are to create. If you do them to slow and speed them up they are crappy, and if you go to fast someone gets hurt. The voices should be turned up a bit, but it was good. The jumping out of the tree was insane, it was pretty high up. Also the way the rogue Sith had his head chopped off at the end was done well. This is one of the best Star Wars movies on here, it was done well. Also about the set, it was a great setting. There is no way you can make a set big enough to film a ten minute movie with no budget. It was good and the lightsabers did look good amongst the trees and foliage. The bedroom scene was in bad taste though, it didnt fit in. All in all I gave this movie a 5, it was done well. Purely entertaining to watch!!
Posted: Wed, 9th Aug 2006, 1:23am

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that film was very good. i really think it was excellent for the amount of days you had. anyway i wantedt to know how youguys did the decapitation. e-mail me at
Posted: Sat, 12th Aug 2006, 2:05am

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The Duelist

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I read the making of your movie, but did you did not mention how you made the lighsaber hilts. I agree that toy handles are terrible, and I'm wondering how to make my own. If it's detailed, e-mail me at Thanks!
Posted: Fri, 18th Aug 2006, 1:53pm

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Where did you get the lightsaber sound effects? The movie was good!
Posted: Fri, 18th Aug 2006, 2:57pm

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The movie overall was good except for a two things i noticed. One was that in the opening crawl instead of rogue, you wrote rouge. The other was a matter of personal opinion.The lightsabers looked great, except when you saw them from far away. Great job!
Posted: Sun, 20th Aug 2006, 6:35pm

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lol, ya that far away shot I now call the dancing saber. No matter what I did I could'nt get it to stay with the hilt. I got the sound effects from just googling it. if u would like some give me your email and i can get them all to u.
Posted: Tue, 22nd Aug 2006, 2:07pm

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Sure! You can send it to:

Posted: Wed, 23rd Aug 2006, 2:12am

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I Loved the Sound Effects and the lightsabers, but you should have made better Costumes. The falling off was cool but in star wars there is no blood from lightsabers. The fights were O.K. but more action and less spinning.
Posted: Wed, 6th Sep 2006, 8:48am

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the fellowship

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Great movie! I like it!
And how did you do that with the head, that the head falls down on the ground....I dont know how i can do that....
If you don't want to say, no problem wink I'm just interested cause it looks great!!
Posted: Sun, 17th Sep 2006, 6:44am

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"Fellowship" the head fall off was quite easy. All i did was film the actor falling down out of frame then I left the camera running to get the background with no entities in it. Then in post I took the footage of the BG with no entities and overlaid the footage with the entity (the actor falling) then I masked out the head and the BG or layer under it replaces the head. I hope that makes sense if not just email me.
Posted: Tue, 19th Sep 2006, 5:25pm

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the fellowship

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Thanks for your post. The only problem is that i do not speak English very well, 'cause im from Austria. But the most what you wrote I understood. Thanks again.... It's a great movie with a great sound and a cool lightsaber fight...
the fellowship
Posted: Tue, 19th Sep 2006, 6:06pm

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the fellowship

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i have another question.....The intro, how did you do that??
I have a programm called SWISH, but when i make this effect, that doesn't look very well....
Posted: Fri, 29th Sep 2006, 4:08am

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i used composite labs for all that, so i can't help you with the swish thing
Posted: Tue, 21st Nov 2006, 7:06am

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no way! the force in my opinon is for jumping at people in the mall with a plastic lightsaber!!!! XD