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Smallville heat vision effect [ANSWER]

Posted: Sat, 19th Aug 2006, 5:05pm

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Which Is a better way to create the heat ray effect that is used in smallville? I've tinkering with the bullet trail fx, and trying also just creating the particles....If any one can give me a direction I'd greatly appreciate it! Thank so much !
Posted: Mon, 21st Aug 2006, 1:11am

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I made a smallville heat vision effect long ago but it got rejected from fxhome but if i were you i would open up the textures that looks like a ring and/or ball. and set some of the angle range graity, etc to how you want and then set it to displacement map, that is if you have knowledge about the particle engine.

Or you can try doing heat vision from superman and use a 4-point lightsaber turn the core red and the glow and use transparency and have the red beam that clark kent shoots out in Superman Returns (Brandon Routh) or the old Superman the Movie (Christopher Reeve)
Posted: Mon, 21st Aug 2006, 8:32am

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Yes, using the particle engine with the displacement map composite filter would be the way I'd do it. Guess you have to play around with the particle engine to try to replicate the same "ray" effect that is used.
Posted: Wed, 27th Sep 2006, 8:11pm

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I've had success with that effect applying a displacement map to this Alam plugin:
I would put up a clip, but I did it with the Clab demo.
Posted: Thu, 28th Sep 2006, 12:06am

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I think I might try create one as a particle preset this evening.