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FXhome Community Round-Up #4

Posted: Fri, 25th Aug 2006, 3:26pm

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Simon K Jones

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It’s been over two months since our last round-up, for reasons which we can’t divulge just yet. Needless to say: we’ve been rather busy. The community has been as busy as ever, however, and there’s lots to catch up on. Let’s kick off with some rather exciting news from the Cinema…

The Latest Blockbusters

The impossible has happened: Art of the Saber has been beaten. After ruling supreme in the All-Time Gold Chart for years, the Ho brothers’ classic has finally been usurped by not one but two new arrivals!

Lucky Strike – Appearing without warning, Lucky Strike immediately found itself at #1 in the charts, riding high on a stylised mixture of slapstick violence, spot-on performances and glorious 35mm cinematography. The movie’s success shows the demand for high quality filmmaking here at, regardless of genre.

Dark Resurrection – Star Wars is never far away, though, with the second Dark Resurrection trailer Force-jumping its way to the #2 spot in the All-Time Gold Chart. Showing off some extremely impressive visual effects that wouldn’t look out of place in your local multiplex, this looks set to take sci-fi fanfilms to a new level.

Flying Sock – While the high production values of Lucky Strike, Dark Resurrection and Between the Lines might be grabbing all the headlines, we wouldn’t want anybody to think that we’re ignoring our roots. Flying Sock is a genius reminder of the hilarious simplicity of the Room series, with innovative ideas overcoming miniscule resources. It may not be shot in Paris or feature giant spaceships but it does have a flying sock and, frankly, that’s all you need.

Eye on the Forum

In Round-Up #3 we mentioned the Superman Returns and Transformers are ALIVE threads, both of which are still going strong thanks to Superman’s staggered global release and the recent revelations regarding Michael Bay’s so-called ‘Transformers’ movie. Check out the topics if you want to see how the discussions have developed!

FXhomers get musical – Elsewhere, it’s all gone a bit surreal in the General Chat forum. What began as an innocent query about the forum rating system resulted, two pages later, in Digerati Media singing the ‘FXhome Pokemon Song’. We’ve called the men in white coats and they assure us that Digerati will be taken care of at their special institute in Belgium.

Brainstorming – In a rather more standard discussion, no_hole sparked an interesting debate about where ideas come from. Do you start from the end and work backwards, find inspiration in real-life, look at artwork or listen to music or pop down to the local mini-golf course? Everybody has their own methods – let us know how you massage your grey matter.

Snakes on a Plane – No website is complete without an obligatory mention of this unlikely movie phenomenon. Of course, unlike the movie studios we’re all fully aware of the Internet’s word-of-mouth power – but is the movie actually any good? It’s on general release, so now is the time to find out and let us know.

Library Highlights

Redhawksrymmer is officially a Man on a Mission. His mission? To become the world’s greatest living FXpreset creator. He’s already well on his way with an astonishing run of top quality presets that belong in any FXhomer’s collection. To recognise this and his other contributions to the community, we're pleased to be able to promote him to Superuser status!

Many thanks to all the preset creators for their hard work – it directly benefits the FXhome community, so we all owe them one!

Portal – Something rather special, this one. You can tell because it comes in five separate parts. Although a bit tricky to set up, it’s well worth it, with Redhawk having crafted a fantastic Stargate-style watery teleport effect that has some beautiful light effects.

Water on lens – We always like to see the effects engines used in unexpected ways and that’s exactly what Darth Penguin has achieved here. Everybody has experienced the wet/dusty lens problem, often not realising until getting back to the lab. This preset could prove invaluable for matching shots together and simulating a dirty lens – or you could just keep a lens cloth in your camera bag.

Soft handgun – Another fantastic muzzle flash from Axeman, once again showing his total mastery of the engine. A brief lick of flame and and a burst of gas make for a highly realistic flash.


As mentioned earlier, the FXhome team has been working in overdrive for the last couple of months. You’ll be seeing the results over the next few months but to kick things off we have a slight improvement to the FXpreset submission system…

Make FXpresets for Force! – That’s right, the preset submission system has been upgraded to reward talented preset creators with Force points. Bronze awards receive 5 points, Silver gets 15 and the rare Gold awards provide a massive 40 points. If you’ve been looking to extend your forum lightsword and community rating, now’s your chance!

VisionLab Studio reviewed – In the first of what we hope will be many positive reviews, Microfilmmaker Magazine has published its in-depth analysis of VisionLab Studio, awarding it a fantastic 9.0 final score. As always, we’ll be taking a close look at Microfilmmaker’s comments to see if we can improve the program even more in future updates.

Posted: Fri, 25th Aug 2006, 4:49pm

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Nice Round up Tarn, good to see things are coming along nicely in the community. Congrats to Red who is the latest super user, a real asset to fxhome.

I look forward to the ever expanding abuse thrown micheal Bay's way for his version of Robot Wars.
Posted: Fri, 25th Aug 2006, 4:54pm

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So I was reading this, and was pretty much thinking "Hmm, this is a nice round up. I sure enjoy these." and then I saw that VisionLab was reviewed, and that they said this:

"Despite their reputation as a fan film company, FXHome has created a seriously powerful, seriously deadly piece of software in VisionLab Studio that is actually beginning to infringe on the territory of the industry heavyweight tag-team of Motion/Shake."

Got me all giddy inside. congradulations
Posted: Fri, 25th Aug 2006, 5:58pm

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Very nice round-up as always, Tarn. It's great to be a Superuser, and there will be more presets to come so don't you worry! I've got some really good ones I'm currently working on, and they'll be up in the upcoming week probably. smile
Posted: Fri, 25th Aug 2006, 8:14pm

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If we submitted presets before this new force thing comes in to effect, will we still get the force?
Posted: Fri, 25th Aug 2006, 8:37pm

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Heh, such a nice and well written round up and all people care about is force... smile
Posted: Fri, 25th Aug 2006, 8:46pm

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Hehe just curious... I'd like to make 2000 so I can have a green saber.
Posted: Fri, 25th Aug 2006, 8:58pm

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Heh, yes, don't worry. Any members that submitted presets before force was awarded for them, will be accommodated accordingly. If you look in your "Force Diary", you should see that you have been awarded the force that you earned by creating presets.

In your case, TimmyD, you should have received 40 force for your presets, I believe. If you haven't received your force, be sure to let the team know.

Regarding the round up, well written indeed, and I expect nothing less, good job Tarn. The movies that have taken the number one and two spots on the charts are definitely great looking films, and certainly deserve it.

Congratulations to Redhawksrymmer as well, this was a long time coming, with great presets in the library, you have earned it. This sure is a good time to be an FXhome member, and it is only going to get better.

Great round up.
Posted: Fri, 25th Aug 2006, 11:28pm

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Nice roundup, congrats on the review. My first topic listed in the community roundup, though it was bound to be posted anyways. wink Good to see the force system added to presets. This will surely encourage preset creation. We saw what people will do for some force points this past week. Also cheers to the composers and Redhawk's awesome portal set. Congrats to the 2 filmmakers to top AotS in the cinema. I nevee thought it deserved the number 1 spot.

In other news, I hit 4,000 posts. I feel like that's way too much for the time spent here, but I always have something to say, no matter how stupid sometimes.
Posted: Sat, 26th Aug 2006, 12:14am

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Awesome round up guys biggrin.
Posted: Sat, 26th Aug 2006, 12:17am

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Absolutely loved the review. I think he was fair, and sees the potential of this affordable software.
Posted: Sat, 26th Aug 2006, 10:08am

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Fantastic Round-up, Tarn! biggrin Imagine Art Of The Saber has finally been beaten..! It seemed to never loose it's position, congrats with the change of that, mmmprod and Atilak!

And of course, congrats SuperUser Redhawksrymmer with the new status! razz I think you've an amazing list of presets! Happy Purplesaber! biggrin

Really cool that VisionLab's been review and been scored 9.0! biggrin Awsome! Hope there'll be more reviews to come..! And (myself being suddenly raised a 1000 force razz ) I'd like to thank you FXhome for adding the recieving of force to the preset-makers!

Interesting, well-written Round-Up with great news, guys! Thanx!
Posted: Sat, 26th Aug 2006, 6:35pm

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Great roundup, and excellent news about the review. And congrats to Redhawk! Well deserved! Redhawk is always extremely helpful to the new, clueless and uninformed.

(Read - "me")

Edit - And I almost forgot, huge congrats to the Lucky Strike team. Well deserved. It's been on my personal list since I first saw it. Truly one of the greatest films in the cinema.
Posted: Tue, 29th Aug 2006, 3:02pm

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Woooo! I'm in the news! hugegrin
Posted: Wed, 30th Aug 2006, 1:09am

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film freak

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Can you upload presets with the demo? Just wondering, since I can't upload them since my bro owns effectslab. I tried once, but since I didn't own effectslab under my screen-name, I couldn't upload it. Anyway, nice job on the round-up.razz

Film Freak
Posted: Sat, 2nd Sep 2006, 1:40am

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Too bad the Haunfest wasn't posted in time for this roundup. It's always best to get the word out as far as you can, so you can get as many entries as possible. Oh, how I love contests.
Posted: Sun, 10th Sep 2006, 6:27pm

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I just checked this now...