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Forgotten my password (please can anyone help)

Posted: Sat, 2nd Sep 2006, 7:18am

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i cant log into my acount at all and its been some time
and i wanted to update but i cant log on at all
I forgot my pass word and have try every password
I had a password reset and under my new acount
my programs are not there showing 0
yes i have the full programs and have all the info showing that i payed for it
and I dont have the keys info to update
please is there away someone can get my password or acount back please help the one have have i cant use key info
the only thing i have is a print out of
code - product- date - regiist
and the code under but the code is not that long it fill all the boxs

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Posted: Sat, 2nd Sep 2006, 7:52am

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Hello rigomrtsfx2001. Please send an email to, and be sure to include as many details as you can. Such as:

  • The user name of the account in which you registered the program to.

  • The email address used to create the account in question.

  • The full name provided upon purchase of the program(s).

  • The postal/zip code used when purchasing the program(s).

Because of risk of fraudulent acts, it is important to include these details. It may also be prudent to include the date of purchase, or a rough estimate, for good measure. If you include those details, and any others you can think of, I am sure they will have your problem sorted in no time. Good luck sorting your issue.

Take care.
Posted: Sat, 2nd Sep 2006, 9:35am

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I will email all my info
thank you