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how soon can you review my first film clip [ANSWER]

Posted: Thu, 7th Sep 2006, 10:59pm

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all my other films submited have been deleted from your archives over a year ago "web server reasons"
now there no record of any kind of my work ever take part here in FXhome
i have the gratest respect for your company and your product. infact apart from me using your product
i recommend it to other friends in filmming.
people ask me questions on the subject of muzzle flashes, light effect, saber effects, the first thing i do is refer them to this site. thanx FX for helping me make a better and brighter filmming future for me
this is my first film for this year i would like to get started as soon as posable for i could set this site to my other main page
Posted: Fri, 8th Sep 2006, 8:30am

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Your old films would have been deleted because the movie links went dead. You would have been emailed when this happened and asked to update them. If no response was received, then the movie pages would have been removed from the website - this is to avoid having lots of movie pages with no actual movie links. smile

New movies are usually checked out each morning, depending on how busy we are.