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What format to use with AlamDV

Posted: Fri, 17th May 2002, 5:40pm

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When I import a clip into AlamDV what format should it be in? Does it make a difference, I mean will some work better than others? Right now I have been importing the original DV clips fresh from my camcorder. The video plays very poorly in AlamDV though. It plays frame by frame extremely slowly and my computer is not slow. The same file plays perfectly in Final Cut Pro.
Posted: Fri, 17th May 2002, 5:46pm

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I think FCP renders the dv video before playing it, alamdv2 plays it real-time. Try doing a search on the forum.
Posted: Fri, 17th May 2002, 8:27pm

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The "play" feature is not supposed to play imported clips in "realtime"(like it will in a NLE)... It is really only meant to give you an idea of whether the animation you are doing looks ok. Without having to drag the movie slider or arrow through it frame be frame.

Was this the answer you were looking for? crazy
Posted: Sat, 18th May 2002, 4:00am

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You know, you can render only a portion of the video that you are working on by setting the In and Out Frames under the movie menu (or Ctrl-I / Ctrl-U) that way you can render and watch your effects real time without having to render the whole movie... cool
Posted: Sat, 18th May 2002, 6:16am

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Hey that's a good idea