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Make Dragon ball Z Effects

Do you want Dragon Ball Z effects?

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Posted: Thu, 14th Sep 2006, 2:13pm

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Can someone make a preset of the energy that is around the super saiyans in DBZ for FXhome lite? And also make presets of all the other effects in Dragon Ball Z, like energy waves, enviroment explosions, ect. Because that would be freak'in sweet.
Posted: Thu, 14th Sep 2006, 11:03pm

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The energy around the super saiyans has to be masked specifically to the footage so a preset really couldn't work. IF you REALLY wanted you might be able to just make the mask with the energy and then just move the points but I think it would be easier to try it yourself.(Post if you want to know how to do this) Explosions are already made as presets or you can try The energy waves would be made with the displacement which Effects lab lite doesn't have. And the blasts can be found here That help?
Posted: Wed, 6th Dec 2006, 3:06am

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learn how to use the muzzle flash engine, it's better than you think.

just practice with it for a couple hours and I can almost garentee that you'll enjoy the results! smile