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UFO / Flying Saucer

Posted: Sat, 23rd Sep 2006, 7:39pm

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Deos anybody know where I could get some good UFO Videos/Pictures against a greenscreen?
Posted: Sat, 23rd Sep 2006, 9:38pm

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Use google to find some images of UFOs and then you can go in to a photo editor and paint the background green. That should work.
Posted: Sun, 8th Oct 2006, 8:38pm

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If google doesnt work out, go to and try there search engine.
Posted: Fri, 10th Nov 2006, 10:35am

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Make one and film it!

We spent about £4 per UFO building ours (steel bowls from a really cheap shop).

This is an oldish pic from a location test. They've been painted more, and had a lot more detail added since (guns etc).

It's a lot more fun than nicking someone else's pic and as a bonus you get an original design. You also get to film it from whatever angle you want. for more info & pics etc.