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Super Breath

Posted: Mon, 2nd Oct 2006, 6:10am

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Can anyone make a preset for superbreath and freeze breath? Something that looks like a massive gust of wind?
Posted: Mon, 2nd Oct 2006, 6:34am

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The presence of wind is created by its interaction with the environment. While the effct could certainly be enhanced by some sort of particle generation, the effect itself needs to be done practically, on set, with a wind machine of some sort. Unless you are working on a cartoon.

Freeze breath might work well with some ice-crystal type textures, to convey the freezing part of it, but again, the wind will probably need to be practical. In order to get the various elements of the scene working well together, we will probably need more info about the specific scenes you are working on.
Posted: Sun, 12th Nov 2006, 2:32am

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I found this in the preset library..