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More Pre-key Filters

Posted: Tue, 3rd Oct 2006, 3:50pm

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I've been looking into upgrading to visonlab to make use of the vast amount of filters available, but there is something holding me back.

I would really like to see more pre-key filters, particularly 'edge detect' and 'threshold'. Obviously these can be applied after keying, but why not before? For one particular shot i would like to threshold the footage, and then key out the white areas to leave just the black. I have thought of a way round this by rendering and reimporting the flitered footage but quality is lost.

Is it likely that this feature will ever be added? Surely it wouldn't be a big task to make all filters available in pre-key?

Posted: Mon, 18th Dec 2006, 6:35pm

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Thats the point with the demo. -It's a demonstration made to show you how the program works, thats all...
Posted: Mon, 18th Dec 2006, 6:58pm

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If you render out to uncompressed then reimport the footage no quality will be lost.