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Dual Monitors and VisionLab [ANSWER]

Posted: Tue, 24th Oct 2006, 10:02am

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Is there anyway to make the preview area full screen on a second monitor?
Posted: Wed, 25th Oct 2006, 8:19am

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Currently the program can only be displayed on one screen at a time, maybe in the distant future we can enable this feature as its something people such as yourself (and us) would like to see.
Posted: Sat, 25th Nov 2006, 7:35pm

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the Fiddler

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This is definitely something I would like to see. I use a laptop as my primary video machine, but plug it into a 19" CRT for a secondary. The CRT with it's truer color reproduction works great for my prieview windows and other tools (for Vegas, Photoshop, or others), while the widescreen LCD on the laptop allows me to display the timeline very well. If VisionLab would allow me to undock it's various parts, I'd just fill the whole widescreen LCD with the timeline/tracks, and use the other for the preview and tools, presets, etc. This would allow me to see much more in the way of effects, etc. at once. It would speed up work immensley. I hope you'll put it high on the list of things to do for a future update.