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3d backgrounds of mustifar

Posted: Thu, 30th Nov 2006, 12:04am

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if any1 already has any 3d background of mustifar or if any1 wants to make one for me if they have spare time(probably not) could u let me filming a scene in a movie with the background of mustifar most likely on the catwalk part, and i need a couple angles.

id appreciate any suggestions!

thanks alot
Posted: Thu, 30th Nov 2006, 1:11am

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Wow, I've never been the first person to say terragen before, but... TERRAGEN!!!

Also check out the lava plugins by Waterworks.

And, bro, spell it how the cool kids do: Mustafar. (Cool kids being the ones who know how to spell the names of nonexistant Star Wars locations.)
Posted: Thu, 30th Nov 2006, 4:56am

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Maybe this will help
Posted: Sun, 8th Apr 2007, 2:09am

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Pixel edit

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Hope this helps. cool