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background question (starwars)

Posted: Thu, 30th Nov 2006, 9:47pm

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I found this kool video and when it ends, it ends in a picture of a shuttle and i was wondering if any1 could take that picture or make a new1 but make a new piture of the shuttle from the side view, with all the background. I really dont no how to do stuff like that but if some1 knows an easy way could you let me no if you dont want to do it.....thanks

heres the link, you probably have to download the file first to watch it...
Posted: Fri, 1st Dec 2006, 4:47am

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i'm not really sure what your asking, but it would seem that your asking someone to take that picture of a shuttle from one view and somehow make it be another view. So instead of the shuttle being facing the camera, it would be facing in a different direction. This is not possible unless you have the 3D scene that the person used when making that shot. If you had that 3D scene, you could just move the virtual camera to a different spot. But using just that footage, it isn't possible unless you remodel the whole thing. Very very very hard.
Posted: Fri, 1st Dec 2006, 6:17am

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I think your best bet would be to redo the whole 3D scene altogether... if you can do 3D...
Posted: Mon, 4th Dec 2006, 4:38am

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All video editing programs read all images as 2D... flat. You would need an actual series of 3-Demensional images of what you are talking about to accomplish this task... unfortunately.
Posted: Mon, 4th Dec 2006, 5:56am

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Follow this link to a whole slew of old AlamDV plugins of various Star Wars ships. I'm not sure if the exact shuttle you want is in there, but you might find something else that will work. Mostly they are just still images of each ship from various angles; some are animated. Perhaps you can find something that will work, then you just need a background to put behind it.
Posted: Sun, 8th Apr 2007, 2:12am

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Mabe check:

for the shuttle.

Good Luck! cool