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Duplicating yourself "The Test" [ANSWER]

Posted: Tue, 5th Dec 2006, 9:27pm

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In the film 'the test' by Sollthar, he duplicated himself and had fights. if anyone knows how to do this could you please explain. surprised
Posted: Tue, 5th Dec 2006, 10:05pm

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The answers you're looking for and more can all be found on Sollthar's site, here...

That page contains a number of tutorials, including at least 2 dealing with cloning yourself. It also has alot of other explanations about how other effects from "The Test" were acomplished.
Posted: Wed, 6th Dec 2006, 9:55am

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Although bear in mind those tutorials are very old. While the techniques are still perfectly valid, I doubt Sollthar would recommend the Photoshop route anymore when you have access to VisionLab. smile
Posted: Wed, 6th Dec 2006, 9:59am

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Heh, yeah. What took me hours with photoshop would take me a couple of minutes with CompositeLab or VisionLab today.

The basic technique remains the same though.