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Syncing sound and effects [ANSWER]

Posted: Mon, 11th Dec 2006, 3:42pm

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Steve Sharkey

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Okay I'm sorry if this is obvious (and I'm sure it is) but I discovered the site today, downloaded the demo, liked what I saw and bought the studio product...

Perhaps I shuld have fiddled with the demo longer first...

I have a piece of video that I have edited until it is how I like it in Pinnacle Liquid 6, I do however want to add a few muzzle flash type effects. So I export as AVI and import to VisionLab studio. (no sound? Is this just a preview option or do I need to re-sync this later?). I've got the muzzle flash exactly as I want it except - how do the timelines work in Studio? on the still it looks perfect but I don't quite "get" the timelines how do I add the start & end of the flash effect.

Steve Sharkey

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Posted: Mon, 11th Dec 2006, 3:51pm

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Steve Sharkey

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Going by the previous post should I assume then that sound needs to by sync'd after he special effects have been added? OK so for sound effects this is no problem (possibly better this way) but how do others mange the syncronisation of voices to "actors" mouth movements?

Steve Sharkey
Posted: Mon, 11th Dec 2006, 4:43pm

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Simon K Jones

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If you work on your effects shots, you should then be able to just slot them back into place on your main timeline in your editing program. Syncing up shouldn't be an issue.

However, you can retain sound on export if you want - check the render settings.

I'd recommend taking a look at the video tutorials as well:
Posted: Mon, 11th Dec 2006, 5:17pm

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Steve Sharkey

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Hmmm... Tried the tutorials.

Maybe I'm a little impatient...

I am trying to add an efect to an old (2004) prject as part of my learning process and am quite willing to change my way of working to suit the product if that is not a "correct way" of working with the product.

What I'm rying to start off with is:

1. What should be my sequence of events/thinking in producing a video?

And more specifically (but in the long run probably less important as a change of mindset might integrate the product into my film making better)

2. How do I take a spot effect (muzzle flash) that appears to be a flicker on a single frame and increase the duration.

Perhaps I can help you help me if I outline the process I've been using up until now and you can flesh out where your product fits into my process and where my process needs to change?

1. Film the scenes (this often contains an audiotrack)
2. Import video into Liquid.
3. Chop the scenes to tell "the story".
4. Add any transition effects between scenes, musical sound track, additional voice over and spot sound effects are also added at this stage to blend in with the main sound track (sometimes the original sound track is removed.

Voila finsihed product.... Except I want to add some special effects and now with the capability I'd like some green screening on future productions. At the risk of sounding very GREEN (pun intended) where should I do this in my current process?

I'd love to record my voice sound tracks separately - this would mean that I would dispence with the original sound track from the video at stage 2 (above) but then I create a problem of lip syncing the voice and capturing additional sound effects for backing purposes to be merged in at stage 4. I guess stage 3.5 would be the special effects stages.

Also if I have a 2 minute scene for which I have a single spot effect of a muzzle flash for example I need to process just a half second or so of special effects - however in order to get good continuity do I need to process the whole 2 minute scene in FX or is there a better way of working than this?

Sorry for bombarding you with so many questions but I have a project that is a fair way into the process that I'd like to incorporate FX into in order to really do a good job.

Steve Sharkey