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FXhome logo in flames was it tough to make [ANSWER]

Posted: Tue, 12th Dec 2006, 2:13am

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i saw a logo here of fxhome that has flames

in the text i have tryed but mine does not work

is there a video on how it was done ?
thank you for your time
Posted: Tue, 12th Dec 2006, 7:48am

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This effect was achieved using what is called an "Object mask". An object mask is a mask that allows you to take the alpha channel of one object, and apply it to another object. In this case, the alpha channel is taken from an image containing the FXhome insignia, and is applied to a fire clip.

To achieve this, import the image that contains the text you would like to do this with, as well as the media that you would like to be in the shape of the text (the media you will be applying the alpha information of your text to, such as a clip of fire).

Place the text image on the time line, followed by the (fire) media. Your time line should now have the text on the bottom layer, and the other media (whether this be fire or not) should be on the top/second layer.

Layer example:

Now select the "Mask" track listing of layer two, and apply an object mask from the filter browser (found to the right). Now that the object mask has been applied to the second layer, select which alpha information should be applied to the object mask (in this case, the text layer). This is done from within the object masks inspector (again, found to the right).

Object mask Inspector:

As long as everything is lined up accordingly on the canvas, you should now see the fire appear to take the shape of your text. You may also want to turn the bottom layer off, depending on the effect you are attempting.

Although in the example below the bottom layer was left on, this sort of effect normally works best when it is turned off. Click the small green button, found on the top right of the desired object in your time line, to toggle the media off.

Toggle media:

Final example product:

This technique can not only be applied to text, but also green screen footage, and anything else that contains proper alpha information as well. If you need me to explain anything I have said here, feel to ask, and I would be happy to do so the next opportunity I have.

Have fun.
Posted: Tue, 12th Dec 2006, 8:59am

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Simon K Jones

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Good tutorial Wizard!

For more information on object masks and masking in general, check out this video tutorial:
Posted: Tue, 12th Dec 2006, 10:40am

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thank you so much smile