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Can someone take look at this pluggin

Posted: Fri, 15th Dec 2006, 11:00pm

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Hey i have link

and i want to see if visionlab would work with the file formats this puts out. any of you that import 3d dofs stuff like that maybe take a look it tell me if these two play nice with each other. Sorry i know thats the file type is tga but what i mean wil it wourk with the extra info it exports with it, i know that its diffrent in someway hehe
Posted: Sat, 16th Dec 2006, 12:58am

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At this time VisionLab will not support the depth of field information created by that plugin. Especially as it mentions that it is now tied to a dongle, I assume you have to be in Lightwave to use that info.
Posted: Sat, 16th Dec 2006, 11:52pm

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the dongle is just for the pluggin,just for lightwave. it used to be harder to get it verfied actavation on lightwave side. but the file output is not tied to the plugging. so its freely be used on any comping software that can use this.