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Won't let me download new version of Effects Lab Lite

Posted: Thu, 21st Dec 2006, 4:39am

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Hello Mods,

I purchased Alamdv2 and was given the free update to Effects Lab lite. When I try to get the new program (while im logged in) it says I dont have that product registered. It doesnt even think I bought it!

My email address is

Any help on the matter would be very appreciated.

Thank you.
Posted: Thu, 21st Dec 2006, 6:09am

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Have you registered your free updated product under you profile? Before you download it you actually have to enter in you Serial code and Name.

Community tab>> User Preferences>> Product Activation>>

If I remember right you should have recieved the Serial code and the name it was registered to via email, back when the updates were initially provided.
Posted: Fri, 22nd Dec 2006, 9:26am

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Simon K Jones

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This account doesn't have any products associated with it. You probably have multiple accounts, so you need to make sure you log into the right one.

If you're not sure which one it is, email with your details (name of purchaser, rough date purchased, post/zip code, email address used etc) and we'll track it down.