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My other account

Posted: Tue, 26th Dec 2006, 2:52pm

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Hi I have another account on this site "RP Hoogle" and I forgot the password of it and aslo I forgot which e-mail that account is registered under. That account is more important than this as I bought FXlab Lite on it and I would really like to sign in on it. I'm not sure who I should conntact for this problem. It would be easier if I didn't hide my e-mail address. Would it be possible for one of the Mods on the forum to look at the e-mail address and send a new password through it and then I could find which e-mail I used.
Posted: Tue, 26th Dec 2006, 2:58pm

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RP Hoogle

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Nevermind found it.
Posted: Tue, 26th Dec 2006, 4:21pm

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In the future if you have this problem simply e-mail "" with your problem, they'll help with anything, and swiftly too I might add.
Posted: Sat, 6th Jan 2007, 2:32pm

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i have a similar problem , i have 2 products registered against 2 different email accounts which causes the problem of me not being able to upgrade one of the products. i have emailed and but no response so far im posting this hoping maybe someone help with this problem

apart from that the products are amazing ive only just scratched the surface with them