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Alternative to video tutorials?

Posted: Wed, 27th Dec 2006, 5:58pm

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I recently posted a query about alternatives to the audio/video tutorials and fear that I may have tread on some very sensitive toes. For that I apologise. I had no idea that there were limitations to asking, what to me appeared to be a direct question concerned with educating oneself to the application.

How does one access the PDF startup files previous to purchasing the app?
Posted: Thu, 28th Dec 2006, 1:15am

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If you download the demo, the product manual and a quickstart tutorial are both included with each program, in PDF format.

Not sure what your original question was, but you should feel free to ask questions in order to familiarise yourself with the program. That way, you can make an informed purchasing decision.
Posted: Thu, 28th Dec 2006, 1:36am

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Respectfully asked questions are fine.

Questions which provide a depth of unnecessary detail which verges on the insulting, when "i don't understand your accent" will do...are not.
Posted: Thu, 28th Dec 2006, 12:41pm

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When first getting into all of this, I found that the video tutorials were actually far more helpful *after* I had downloaded the demo version and played with it for a bit. The video tutes may be confusing when you haven't sunk your hands into the meat of it, so to speak. Give the demo a try, look over the quickstart manual as Axeman suggests, and then consider giving the tutes another go. Most of them are really quite extraordinary and have benefited me a lot in learning the ins and outs and tips and tricks of the application.