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Posted: Sat, 25th May 2002, 4:34pm

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3 things to try with any problem

1 Make sure you have the latest version of AlamDV. You can download this by clicking here

2 Make sure you are running in a 32bit color depth. This includes running AlamDV, installing AlamDV, and installing plugins in AlamDV. This accounts for 99% of the bug reports we get here, so make double sure

3 Try reinstalling AlamDV. Reinstalling the program and giving it a fresh start tends to fix most problems.

Please do not post a message unless you have done these 3 things.

Common problems

Q: AlamDV doesn't show effects in a rendered movie
A: This is because you are not running in 32bit color.

Q: The plugins installed properly but when I select them they don't do anything, whats up?
A: This is because you were not running in 32bit color when you installed the plugins. Change to 32bit and reinstall AlamDV

Q: Why isn't the sound from my imported movie isn't added to the exported movie?
A: AlamDV is a video application, it doesn't even know the sound channel exists and therefore doesn't add it to the exported movie. You can easily add the sound back on with a freeware app like virtual dub

Q: Does AlamDV really need the display to be running in 32bit?
A: YES! AlamDV will not function properly with a color depth lower than 32bit!

Q: My computer doesn't do 32bit, what can I do?
A: The color depth is controlled by the video card. You can try dropping the resolution as this sometimes lets you select a higher color depth. Otherwise you will need a new graphics card