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Starfield background plates

Posted: Tue, 2nd Jan 2007, 12:59pm

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Hi All,
Happy New Year to all FXHome crew & users...... I'd like to get my hands on some kind of stand alone software that could generate / render starfield images / animations in the photorealistic realm, not worried if it didnt include such delights as planets & nebulae but you know, the kind of fields you'd expect to see in the background plates in movies line starwars etc & hopefully wont cost the earth...LOL
Any help would be greatfully received

Best wishes to all

Posted: Tue, 2nd Jan 2007, 3:35pm

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Or any other 3D tool.
Posted: Tue, 2nd Jan 2007, 10:51pm

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Well i thought I was very clever for finding this. The "seen from below" clips look just like starfeilds from below...and they loop! You could spend 50 on the whole pack because it may be useful. Or you could download the low-res yet passable samples...
Posted: Fri, 5th Jan 2007, 1:43pm

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BluffTitler DX9 allows you to create the starfield effect with great realism. You can download a free trial at the Outerspace Software site:

Using one of the old AlamDV2 space backgrounds which I imported into BluffTitler, I applied a particle layer called 'warp speed' to the background, which I was able to adjust the direction the particles were travelling during the course of the animation.
Posted: Tue, 9th Jan 2007, 12:35pm

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I've been doing some space scenes recently and have got reasonably good results with:
1. Some high res static images created in Photoshop. Googling for "starfield photoshop tutorial" or "nebula photoshop tutorial" found quite a few. I also managed to find some Photoshop brushes for making galaxies/nebulae/stars

2. Some starfield footage from (here's one of them - ) I used this for when the camera is moving forward into space. It was layered over one of the stills that very gradually increased in size.

The static ones worked great if they were animated moving horizontally. To make them better you could animate 2 or 3 layers (composite type set to Add or Screen) moving at different speeds.

I started off looking for proper space pictures but real space is either too boring or too detailed (like in nebula pics).
Posted: Sat, 10th Feb 2007, 7:29pm

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Check out these Photoshop plug-ins:

(demo available for free, no restrictions other than number of launches, iirc)

There are some other plug-ins there that may be of interest as well. You can get some amazing results from these without having to go into a 3D app. Great for making big old digital mattes / backdrops!

Take care-