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Student Discount

Posted: Wed, 3rd Jan 2007, 3:12am

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Me and my friends have been working on a movie project for quite some time now. And I was looking to buy EffectsLabs, it would be a big help to us when doing special effects (obviously.) Only thing is we're tight on money so i was wondering if their is anyway we can get a student discount on the program because that would be great!

Posted: Wed, 3rd Jan 2007, 9:17am

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Simon K Jones

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Our prices are already as low as possible I'm afraid, so we don't do specific student discounts. However, we do have Christmas discounts in effect at the moment on the Pro bundle and VisionLab.

If you can't afford EffectsLab Pro you may be interested in EffectsLab Lite, the budget version. Alternatively, we do offer discounts for bulk orders from educational establishments, so another option is to ask your school to invest in a few copies.
Posted: Wed, 3rd Jan 2007, 5:22pm

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If you want the best version it's only £89! That's fairly reasonable i'd say, why don't you and your friend put money towards it, maybe ask your parents for a bit of a 'loan' and pay them back when you can?
Posted: Wed, 3rd Jan 2007, 10:42pm

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thats a good idea thanks for your help!