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I need help recreating an effect [ANSWER]

Posted: Wed, 10th Jan 2007, 6:59am

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I want to learn how to do the same effect they use in charmed for one of pipers powers. the ability to freeze time. but i dont understand how to make it look like i froe something or some one but i see all these other people on youtube that have astered that effect already. heres and example of what im trying to do. i want to try and do the same thing but with objects. so if you could help me id really like that thank you so much .
Posted: Wed, 10th Jan 2007, 9:04am

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Simon K Jones

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In that example he's done a simple split-screen composite. So we have two shots (both from the exact same camera angle):

Shot 1 - The kid jumping in the air on the left side of the room.

Shot 2 - The kid pointing with his hand on the right side of the room.

Those shots were filmed separately. Then the right half of Shot 1 was removed (or the left half of shot 2, either works), and it was placed on top of shot 2. This gives the illusion of it being a single shot, with the actor appearing twice.

After that, it's simply a matter of pausing Shot 1 at the appropriate point, while letting shot 2 continue.

This is very easy to accomplish in CompositeLab.
Posted: Thu, 11th Jan 2007, 1:30am

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Just by curiosity, could you do the same effect using a greenscreen for one of the two shots, instead of having to position the camera at the exact same angle?
Posted: Thu, 11th Jan 2007, 3:24am

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Yes. The advantage of split-screen for such a shot is that 1) it requires no other setup or hardware, and 2) the lighting will already match, so the two scenes will composite together very easily.

But if you would prefer to do it greenscreen, it is not only possible, but would also allow greater options with what you could have happen in the scene.
Posted: Thu, 11th Jan 2007, 11:07am

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you can clearly see the line between the two clips at the top of the screen once the second boy comes into the room, the second clip is slightly darker but can be corrected by grading slightly. You also need to use a fast shutter speed to prevent the blurring effect like on the frozen boys hands if your subject is fast moving. In this clip it looks exactly what it is, a frozen video image. Alternatively you could make sure the person to be frozen isn't moving very much at the point of freezing that will again avoid the blurring and give you a better effect.