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Clab vs combustion

Posted: Wed, 24th Jan 2007, 3:35am

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Hey all I was woundering what all of you prafer combustion seems a little complicated and clab isnt but I was woundering if it really is that much better as far as coloring keying goes just curoius of youre thoughts
Posted: Wed, 24th Jan 2007, 10:40am

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Simon K Jones

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Seeing as you're asking at, I imagine most people will say CompositeLab. smile

Your best bet is to try out the demos of both products, compare the different prices and see which fits your needs the best.

Given the massive price difference between the two programs, I'm not sure a comparison is really relevant.
Posted: Fri, 26th Jan 2007, 12:50am

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COmbustion is much like AE. So people who use both can give you some comparison.

I personally use combustion a lot but not fxhome product so i can compare. But i love combustion a lot... can't work without it.

Posted: Tue, 30th Jan 2007, 7:41pm

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I can't really say. I love Clab cause i have it and it works great, but Autodesk has some great programs as well. I know them for the machining aspect, not the filmmaking part. IMO Clab cause it is more user friendly than any Autodesk program i have seen so far.