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Lightsaber cutting a wall, is it possible? [ANSWER]

Posted: Fri, 9th Feb 2007, 2:16am

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In visionlab can you create a scene where you can shove a light sabers blade into a wall and cut a hole through a wall and then climb through it to make an escape scene in a short film?

This reminds me of the scene in star wars episode 1 phantom menace.

The scene has Qui gon jinn played by liam neeson and Obi-Wan Kenobi played by Ewan McGregor, as i remember they are using their light sabers and are on either another planet or it's in space on board a mother ship, anyway they are wielding their light sabers and attacking those drones that have those circular forcefields and come on four legs , they need an escape route so Qui gonn jinn shoves his light saber into the door behind them that's jammed closed and he slices his saber through the door into a circle shape and then that shape falls to the ground and they go through it and escape, can this be created in visionlab?
Posted: Fri, 9th Feb 2007, 4:42am

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here is a tutorial I created. but that is for the cutting affect. for the rest i'm not sure. perhap using a greenscreen. put a green cloth on the wall and then get a picture of what it looks like behind the wall and then use the greenscreen functions to make it look like a hole.
Posted: Fri, 9th Feb 2007, 9:36am

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Simon K Jones

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I'd probably put this together as follows:

Layer 3 - Actor shot against greenscreen, doing the 'cutting'.

Layer 2 - The door/wall that will be cut through. This needs to be an isolated, separate elements ideally.

Layer 1 - the main background/set/view through the 'hole'.

Then you just need to do the compositing and masking to cut out a hole, plus some grading for glowing edges etc and particle effects for smoke/sparks.
Posted: Mon, 25th Aug 2008, 10:30pm

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Iread with intrest your tuto on how to cut through walls ( )but I have a hard time graspiing the part about the burnt effect. can you explain a bit more
Posted: Wed, 17th Sep 2008, 8:15pm

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for the layer stuff do you take pictures of the backround or just a picture or something, like when your getting a layer do you just tape the backround for a few seconds just doing nothing?
Posted: Wed, 17th Sep 2008, 11:57pm

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You film whatever you want to see on that layer. It could very well be a few seconds of the backgorund doing nothing. A background without actors is very, very frequently used in compositing, and is called a plate.